TODO Crafting Machine Review


TODO Machine

TODO Crafting Machine is a multi-purpose die cut machine which can also emboss, hot foil, and letterpress.

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Claims & Features

  • Hot foiling
  • Letterpress
  • Die-cutting
  • Embossing
  • Light indicator shows optimum temperature
  • Anti-slip feet

Cost & Availability

The TODO Machine costs $299.99 + $6.95 shipping and around $18 in taxes, totaling about $325.

TODO Machine Video

The video below was posted to the Create & Craft YouTube channel in June 2015.

TODO Machine Reviews

The TODO Machine, also referred to as the TODO Crafting Machine, has been advertised in upper-cable channel infomercials in 2015, and via online ads into 2016. The unit combines several functions, including hot foil, letterpress, die cut, and embossing.

The makers have tossed in a slew of features which – on the surface – present a comprehensive crafting machine that would impress even the most seasoned die cutters – if it lived up to those promises. The folding handle is a nice touch, which saves space. Another nice feature is that the rollers are adjustable, which allows more precise embossing.

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Unfortunately, sometimes when a product attempts to solve too many problems at once, there will be tradeoffs. In the case of the TODO Machine, users have reported problems with plates moving, poor cutting on elaborate dies, and excessive hand cranking when moving rollers. The hot plate also seems a bit small for our tastes.

Embossing has also proved problematic for some users. One of our readers created the excellent video below which shows an attempt at embossing using the TODO machine. You’ll see that there are sections which aren’t embossed as deeply as the rest. The video also points to the problem of a folder which breaks throughout the process.

Some readers have reported that some of the product flaws can be overcome with continued use, as the nuances are learned by the user. For the experienced die cutter however, this may not be a satisfying path to take, especially considering its steep price.

Epic Conclusion

The TODO Machine attempts to solve too many problems at once. This has resulted in design compromises that do not deliver on the product’s lofty promises. There are a number of interesting features, but it is questionable if the product’s high cost is worth the trade-off in performance. Some of the flaws can be overcome as the user learns the machine, but this may not be a palatable option for everyone.

If you’ve used TODO Machine, please give it a star rating and comment below.

Updated January 2, 2016