Doggie Doo Game Reviews


Doggie Doo Game Reviews

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Doggie Doo is a game for kids in which a dog is fed until it makes a mess. The first player to clean up after the dog three times wins the game.

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Doggie Doo

Doggie Doo is a simple concept: Feed the dog, roll the die, squeeze the leash (which produces a “gassy” sound), and clean up after the dog once he has made a mess.

Goliath, the makers of Doggie Doo, have apparently carved out a niche for themselves with “gross” games for kids. Another popular game by Goliath, Gooey Louie, has kids pulling snot out of a plastic head until the skull explodes.

Doggie Doo has been featured on several talk shows such as David Letterman, The Tonight Show, and Anderson Cooper. The official product website is

Additional Info

  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Ages 4 and up
  • No batteries required
  • By Goliath

Price and Availability

Doggie Doo is available in stores such as Walmart and Toys R Us. You should be able to find it for about $23.

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How to play

Each player chooses a colored shovel. A small amount of food is measured by fitting it into the dog bowl. The food is then inserted into the dog’s mouth and pushed deep into the dog using the dog bone.

A player then rolls the die, which indicates how many times the leash will be squeezed. The die may also give players a chance to swap shovels with another player, or skip a player’s turn. When the dog makes a mess, that player collects it in their shovel and a new round starts. The first player to collect three “doos” wins.

The video below is posted on the official Doggie Doo website, and shows how to play the game.

What’s in the box

Dog, leash, dog food, food bowl, die, dog bone, and 4 shovels.

Doggie Doo Reviews

The Toys R Us website, as of December 2014, the product has a 2.8-star rating, while at Walmart it has a 2.5-star rating. Below is a consensus of the pros and cons, based on online reviews and first-hand experience with the game.


  • Most kids will find it to be fun.
  • Playing the game is rather quick, only taking about 10 minutes per match.


  • Some readers have said they think the price is a bit high for the quality of the materials.
  • Pumping the leash can be difficult for small kids. It is recommended for small children to use two hands.
  • The food can get stuck


  • Some readers have claimed that there is no educational value to this game, but some consumers are not bothered by this.
  • The “doo” cannot be purchased separately, which some feel could shorten the lifespan of the product if it were to become hardened or unusable.

Epic Conclusion

Doggie Doo is another “gross” game by Goliath in which a dog is fed until it poops. The ridiculous and silly nature of the game is sure to entertain a certain percentage of the population. How long the novelty transforms into playability remains to be seen.

Have you played Doggie Doo? What do you think?