Xperio UV Lenses Reviews


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Xperio UV Lenses

Xperio is a brand of prescription UV lenses which are advertised as a way to reduce glare and provide sharper color and depth.

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Claims & Features

  • Eliminates glare
  • Sharper colors, greater depth
  • UV Protection
  • Available in gray, gray-green, and brown
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean

Cost & Availability

You can typically find Xperio lenses for around $220 – $343, depending on the type purchased and the eye care professional providing them. We noticed them for $100 – $190 at Eyeglasslensdirect.com, so it may pay to shop around.

Xperio Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Xperio UV Reviews

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Xperio UV has been running advertisements on television featuring its lenses in such settings as skiing or while on the beach. Indeed, Xperio does offer glare elimination, not just glare reduction. In every facet, Xperio met or exceeded the expectations of our product reviewers. While there are other UV and glare-reducing products on the market, it is apparent that Xperio is well-crafted and at the top end of the specification scale. We found its scratch resistant properties to be superior, and glare elimination as good as we’ve ever seen.

While Xperio is certainly a high-end lens, it unfortunately sports a high-end price tag. There will be those without insurance who may not find the benefits worth the extra cost.

If cost is not of a concern, however, you can’t go wrong with Xperio lenses.

Similar Products

Essilor is cited as the “global” brand on the Xperio website. Nikon is another brand which offers high-end no-glare UV lenses. Nikon is well-respected brand, with a cost range that overlaps Xperio.

Epic Conclusion

Xperio offers some of the finest glare elimination available. These well-made lenses are the complete package, and we’re certain that anyone who uses them will be satisfied. The cost may put it out of reach for some consumers, however.

If you’ve used Xperio lenses, please give the product a star rating and comment below.