Smart Swab Review: Does it Work?


Smart Swab is an As Seen on TV device which allows you to clean your ears safely and comfortably. Read our Smart Swab review plus additional information.

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About Smart Swab

Smart Swab is a device which allow you to clean your ears by means of a spiral disposable tip. This product features a handle which looks and feels much like a toothbrush, offering an improved grip over earlier models. Disposable spiral tips are attached to this handle which allow you to clean your ears more safely than with cotton swabs.

The official product website is, which was registered in July 2008, although this product didn’t show up on that domain until mid-2015.

What does it cost?

The official product website is currently the only way to obtain this product. As of this writing, Smart Swab costs $19.99 plus free shipping. This includes one handle and 16 replacement heads.

There is an optional “double offer” which adds another handle and 16 heads for an additional $6.99. This brings your total price to $19.99 for one set, or $26.98 for two sets.

Smart Swab Review: Pros and Cons

The television commercial for Smart Swab begins by pointing out the problems associated with wax build-up in the ears, such as impaired hearing, discomfort, and ear infection. It is noted that other ear wax solutions such as “fire or water” – candles and rinses – can be a “dangerous mess.” Using cotton swabs to remove wax, although a common solution for most people, is not recommended because they can be inserted too far into the ear, damaging the ear drum.

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Enter, Smart Swap, an ear cleaner designed to remove wax without damaging your ear. Below are a few observations about the product.

  • Handle. Earlier commercials for Smart Swab show a stick-like handle, but newer images feature a toothbrush-like design. The more recent design offers a superior grip and comfort while using Smart Swab. See images below.
  • Spiral tip. The key design element of Smart Swab is its soft grooved spiral head which is designed to be twisted in order to collect wax. It is tapered so that it can go into the ear, but not large enough to go too deep. The soft material is not harsh on the delicate inside area of the ear.
  • Disposable? The tips for Smart Swab are meant to be disposable, although there doesn’t seem to be any reason why you couldn’t disinfect them and re-use. For maximum safety, it is probably a good idea to use a new tip each time, however.
  • Comfort. Smart Swab is more comfortable to use than a cotton swab because it doesn’t reach as deeply into the ear, which is a good thing.
smart swab review

The 2016 version of Smart Swab features a different handle.

smart swab review

Smart Swab’s original handle was thin.

Smart Swab began a robust advertising campaign in mid-2016, but to date consumer reviews are lacking. We have tested the product, and feel that it is a superior method to cleaning ears than using cotton swabs or other gimmicky items such as candles. It is simple to use and does not cause any discomfort.

Although Smart Swab is not yet available in stores, we feel that it will probably have a successful enough television campaign to warrant its arrival on shelves by the end of 2016. It is also our belief that Smart Swab will likely become a long-term seller due to its innovative design and superior function.

And, as with any successful As Seen on TV product, it wouldn’t be surprising to see knockoffs arriving on shelves in hopes of cashing in on the product’s popularity.

You may be interested in additional information over at Freakin’ Reviews, where readers give it about a 3-star rating.


Smart Swab is marketed by Telebrands, the As Seen on TV giant which has brought hundreds of products to the small screen over the years. Recent popular items include the Red Copper Pan, Atomic Beam, and Pocket Hose.

As of this writing, Telebrands holds an unimpressive “C-” rating with the Better Business Bureau. The most common complaint (both resolved and unresolved) is that of “Problems with product/service.”


As noted above, there are a number of items which are commonly used to clean ears, such as cotton swabs, candles, drops, scoops, etc.

A popular option on Amazon is the Clinere brand of ear cleaners, which is a scoop-like device that sells for about $6. A more elaborate option is the Elephant Ear Washer Bottle, which is currently the Amazon Best Seller in its category. That is a much more involved solution, although its results are said to be impressive.


Our testers and product researchers believe that Smart Swab is a rare As Seen on TV product that gets the job done, and offers an actual solution to an age-old problem. The cost may be higher than other options, but to most consumers the results will justify the cost.