ROYI Stair Climbing Cart Review: Does it Work?


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ROYI Stair Climbing Cart

This stair-climbing cart by ROYI is a hot seller online, and today we take a closer look at why consumers are flocking to this utility cart.

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Claims & Features

  • Six-wheel design climbs stairs
  • Large capacity grocery cart
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Bag is washable and has two side pockets
  • Color options are blue and black

Cost & Availability

As of this writing, the ROYI stair climbing cart costs $49 from its official Amazon page. It was first listed online in June 2016.

It was listed as a #1 Best Seller in its category in August 2016.

ROYI Cart Reviews

This cart by ROYI, officially titled the “Grocery Cart Folding, Stair Climbing Cart Grocery Shopping Laundry Utility Cart with Wheel Bearings,” offers consumers the ability to tote items up stairs more easily than carrying or using an old-fashioned dolly or wheeled backpack.

The secret is in its six-wheel design in which four of the six wheels are on the ground at any given time. When an obstacle is encountered, the other two wheels grab onto and easily climb up while rotating as it moves forward. It is a design improvement we are seeing more often, and consumers have made it clear that this is a coveted improvement over carts and carriers.

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The cart only weighs about 5.5 pounds, so the company’s claims of it being lightweight are certainly accurate. You’ll want to keep in mind that its lightweight design also means you can’t use this to replace a dolly for very heavy items – think laundry and groceries rather than hefty appliances.

While the ROYI cart is a great way to move light or bulky objects up stairs, you may find going down stairs requires a learning curve. The handle is not telescoping, which means taller users may find themselves bending over when using the cart to lug items upstairs. This could offset the usefulness to some degree.

For those who constantly lug groceries up a flight of stairs, this could be a godsend. If you feel you’d only have occasional use for it, you’ll want to weigh that against the $50 price tag.

Similar Products

There are a number of so-called “stair-climbing carts” on the market. The price of these range anywhere from about $30 up to $180 or more.

There is an As Seen on TV cart which began advertising in August 2016 called Easy Climber which sports a similar design to that of the ROYI cart.

Epic Conclusion

The ROYI stair climbing cart is not a high-end item to be used for heavy lifting. It does, however, offer a way to move some items up stairs in an easier manner than with a rolling backpack or dolly. Despite a few caveats listed above, this is a solid item as evidenced by its “Best Seller” status on Amazon.

Have you tried the ROYI Stair Climbing Cart? Please give it a star rating and comment below.