Luminess Air Reviews: Airbrush Makeup System


Reviews of Luminess Air, a cosmetic airbrush system which imparts a smoothly continuous blend of color to give the impression of a unblemished complexion.

Luminess Air

Luminess Air is an airbrush makeup kit consisting of moisturizer, foundations, blush, skin brightener, and a triggered air stylus. The air stylus sprays a fine mist of cosmetic micro-dots to impart an airbrushed quality with seamless blends. Application is supposed to quickly cover blemishes while providing the light, natural look of a perfect complexion., which was registered in July 2007, is the official product website.

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Cost and Availability

Luminess Air products are available to order from the Luminess website and are also available in stores.

On the Luminess Air website, customers can order a starter airbrush kit for $19.95. After 30 days, buyers are then charged 5 monthly payments of $59.59 for a total of $317.90.

This kit includes four airbrush foundations, an Airbrush Blush matching the chosen skin tone group, an Airbrush Glow (brightens the skin), an Airbrush Primer (moisturizer), and a New Essentials Kit. There are five choice for skin tone groups: Fair Shade, Medium Shade, Warm Shade, Tan Shade, or Deep Shade.

There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for purchasers within the United States and Canada, but the initial payment of $19.95 is not refunded. A “Terms and Conditions” page on the website contains policies on returns and the money back guarantee. Consumers should be aware of this, as they can be charged a $25 restocking or incomplete return fee if the return policies are violated.

Estimated deliver time is listed at 2-6 weeks. There is a Rush option (delivery in 7-10 business days) that customers can opt in to for an additional charge.

Purchase of Luminess Air from the product website includes a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Claims and Features

  • Natural water based makeup that covers blemishes instantly
  • Seamless blending
  • High-end cosmetics at an affordable price
  • Lasts up to 12 hours
  • Not tested on animals
  • Scentless
  • Hypoallergenic (for sensitive skin)
  • Paraffin free
  • Non-comedogenic

Luminess Air TV Commercial


Now there’s a revolutionary new makeup that gets results liquids and powders can only dream of. Introducing the airbrush beauty breakthrough, Luminess Air, the most exciting new beauty product in years.

Airbrush makeup is the Hollywood celebrity secret to beauty. Now Luminess has made airbrushing easy for everyone. Women everywhere are using it to wipe away the years instantly.

“I looked in the mirror and was like ‘whoa.'”

“It’s a miracle makeup. It’s the only makeup I will use.”

“It is infinitely better than anything else I have ever used in the past.”

Liquid and powder foundation are heavy and cakey and can make you look older. Luminess mixes an ultra-light foundation with a gentle stream of air. It eliminates cakiness and uses ten times less makeup than liquids. You’ll never look like you’re wearing heavy foundation.

Luminess is hypoallergenic, water-based, never tested on animals, and dermatologists recommend it. Luminess Air looks just like your natural skin, except now it looks perfect.

Age spots, blemishes, rosacea, pigmentation problems all disappear. And air brush blurs and softens the look of wrinkles. Now Luminess Air is on sale. That’s right, you won’t pay $29.95. Now for a limited time you can try Luminess Air for just $19.95. This is our best offer ever. You’ll have everything you need to get the airbrush look at home.

You’ll receive a Luminess airbrush kit, 2 bottles of the legendary Luminess Air foundation in your shade, and over $40 in fun airbrush bonuses. And we’ll ship it all to you for free.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to try Luminess Air, this is it. The sale is on, but it’s only good for a very limited time. Try the world’s favorite airbrush makeup now for just $19.95.

“That is a ridiculous price to get this kind of result.”

The sale is on. Experience the magic of airbrush for just $19.95.

Luminess Air Reviews

The Luminess Air kit has truly mixed reviews from online reviewers. For example, as of February 2016 there are currently 271 reviews of the airbrush system on Amazon. 61% of these reviews are glowing 5 star reviews while 31% are 1 star reviews.

Many of the negative reviews are from disgruntled customers who paid the $19.95 for the kit without realizing that there were additional monthly payments of $59.59 for five months.

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While the makeup itself appears to be of above-average quality, the quality of the air stylus is a point of debate. Although some reviewers are very pleased with the results they’ve achieved, there are also several consumers who have reported the stylus breaking down or clogging after limited usage.

A majority of the negative complaints seem to come from patrons who feel that the company’s customer service and billing practices are lacking. Many of these types of grievances can be viewed at where users have posted 657 reviews for a 1.8 star rating. Again, much of this is due to purchasers missing the fine print on the website which explains that they will be charged monthly payments for the kit 30 days after the initial payment of $19.95.

In fact, the free trial has been so problematic that the company has an explanation of it posted to their Better Business Bureau page. To their credit, the company maintains an A rating with the BBB, as it has been responsive to negative consumer feedback. The free trial is described in the following manner:

“30 DAY TRIAL $19.95 INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING” means that for $19.95 the consumer can try product for 30 days with free shipping.

After 30 days the product is the consumers for a cost of 5 monthly payments of fifty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. The consumer will see a charge of $26.97 on their credit card and then after 30 days there will be 5 monthly payments of $59.99 for the complete system each charged to customer provided credit card.

Epic Conclusion

Luminess Air is a cosmetic airbrush system which is supposed to grant the impression of a flawless complexion. Online user reviews on sites like Amazon are mixed. Even though roughly half the reviews are filled with glowing praise for the kit, the approximate other half of reviewers have posted negative comments in regards to customer service, billing practices, or product quality. Airbrushed makeup is generally seen as superb to powders or liquids.

If you’ve used Luminess Air, give it a star rating and your thoughts below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in May 2015.