Precious Pearl Review: Collectible Pearl in an Oyster


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Precious Pearl

Precious Pearl is a naturally-cultured pearl in a real oyster. It is advertised as an elegant and rare keepsake.

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Claims & Features

  • Takes 5 years to grow
  • Each pearl is 100% unique
  • Five different shades of pearls
  • Includes pearl in its shell, necklace, metal pendant, opening tool, information booklet, certificate of authenticity

Cost & Availability

Precious Pearl can be obtained from the product website for $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping for a total cost of $24.90.

Precious Pearl Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Precious Pearl Reviews

Note that we have not yet evaluated this product first-hand, and the information here is preliminary until we obtain the product.

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Precious Pearl is a collectible pearl sold in an oyster. It comes with a necklace and opening kit, so you can pry open the oyster and begin wearing the treasure inside.

We caught a commercial for Precious Pearl on the NHL channel today (July 2, 2015), and it stood out among the typical As Seen on TV products. The advertised website is, which actually forwards to a product page at It appears that Shop Northern, an established re-seller of As Seen on TV products for years, is the registrar of, which was only registered in June 2015. Ironcially, the video embedded on the product page appears to have the incorrect URL in the commercial, pointing to the parked domain

Precious Pearl is said to come in five colors, although you cannot choose which color, as this is not known until the oyster is opened.

This is not the first time than an oyster in a shell has been sold, although it is the first (at least in our recollection) that one has been advertised on television. There are similar pearl/oyster sets to be obtained online, ranging from $9 to $30 or more.

That said, Shop Northern has an established reputation and the product they offer appears to nicely presented. The pull-top can is a nice touch, and really gives the sense that you are having exclusive access to the oyster. If you are in the market for a unique gift idea, this may be a good choice. One point of contention is that Shop Northern is rather stingy on details, such as length of the necklace (or what type of material it is made of).

We will update this page when we evaluate Precious Pearl first-hand.

Epic Conclusion

Precious Pearl is an As Seen on TV pearl-in-oyster set. Our preliminary research on the product shows that Shop Northern has a positive, established track record, and that products such as these are typically highly-rated. A few more product details would be nice, however.

If you’ve used Precious Pearl, please give it a star rating and comment below.