EZ Lift Review: Portable Car Handle


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EZ Lift

EZ Lift is a car accessory which allows passengers to enter and exit more easily.

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Claims & Features

  • Fits any car
  • Stores anywhere
  • Built in LED flashlight
  • Shatters any window
  • Non-slip, easy grip handle
  • Recessed safety blade
  • Forged steel construction

Cost & Availability

Online: $19.95 + $6.95 P&H.

EZ Lift Reviews

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EZ Lift is the latest in a relatively new category of portable car handles which slip into a door latch, providing assistance for those who struggle to get into and out of a vehicle.

There are two different things to consider when evaluating EZ Lift. Does it work as advertised, and are there any caveats? The answer to those questions would be “Usually” and “yes.”

EZ Lift does in fact work as advertised, provided it fits in your car’s latch. The addition of a strategically-placed handle could be seen as a godsend to those who struggle to enter and exit their vehicles. Short-term, it does appear to provide a great tool to assist in what can be a menacing task to those who are disabled or suffer from leg or back pain.

Although EZ Lift usually does the job, there are a few other considerations which are important to keep in mind. Even though it can hold hundreds of pounds, the latch on a vehicle isn’t really designed for that kind of repeated torque. There are also some vehicles in which EZ Lift won’t fit, although it seems to accommodate the majority of makes and models.

Similar Products

EZ Lift is very similar in design to another As Seen on TV product called Car Cane. That product heavily advertised in mid-2015 and sports a similar design and function. See our full review of Car Cane here.

There are other products similar to EZ Lift on Amazon. Perhaps the two most popular competitors are the HandyBar and Auto Assist Grab Bar. Both hold 4.5 star ratings and are priced similarly to EZ Lift.

Epic Conclusion

EZ Lift may provide a great solution for some customers, although we are concerned that long-term use could damage some vehicles.

If you’ve used EZ Lift, please give it a star rating and comment below.