Roto Clipper Review: Does it Work?


Roto Clipper Review: Does it Work?

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Review of Roto Clipper, a battery-operated device which supposedly allows consumers to trim their nails more easily than traditional fingernail clippers.

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Roto Clipper

This product allows users to trim and file fingernails at the same time. You simply press the button and insert your nail, which is then slowly filed to the desired size and shape. The user rocks the nail back and forth in order to achieve the proper shape when completed.

Roto Clipper required two AA batteries. The product is marketed by Lenfest Media Group, which has successfully promoted such products as Catch Caddy and Juggle Bubbles.

The official product website is As you can see from the two screenshots below, the price and online offer have changed from April 2015 to December 2015.

roto clipper website

Roto Clipper website in December 2015.

roto clipper website

This was the Roto Clipper website in April 2015.

Cost and Availability

Roto Clipper costs $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping. A second free item is included with free shipping. Thus, your total order will be $26.98. There is a 30 day money-back guarantee, less shipping. Orders are expected to take 4-6 weeks. When we first evaluated Roto Clipper, it was $10 + $7.95 shipping.

You can purchase a set of two replacement heads for $9.99, which can be added to your order.

A Deluxe Roto Clipper has since appeared on the site, which is offered as an upgrade in the checkout process. It features a built-in LED light and exttended 1-year warranty. That product is $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping, for a total of $36.98. We have not seen the Deluxe unit. If you have, please tell us about it in the comments below.

Roto Clipper appears to be slowly rolling out to stores for a price of about $20. If you’ve seen it in stores, let us know where and the price in the comments below.

Claims and Features

  • Battery powered
  • Trimmer and filer in one
  • Dual-sided
  • Beveled blade spins at 500 RPM
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to the touch

Television Commercial

Transcript of the commercial above. You’ll notice that the price in that spot ha since been raised to $19.99.

When your grip is starting to slip, handling nail clippers can be tough. Clip too closely, and ouch!

Introducing the amazing new Roto Clipper, the fast, easy way to trim and file your nails at the same time! Just push the button, and insert your nail. In seconds, you have a perfectly trimmed nail! Just like an electric emery board, it precisely files each nail for a salon-smooth finish.

Dual-sided Roto Clipper uses one side to trim nails, and the other side to file them. The secret is the durable double blades that spin at a powerful 500 RPM to trim and shape fingernails to a smooth, flawless finish.

Clippings are nasty! Not anymore! Roto Clipper’s removable head means easy cleaning. The blades are recessed, so they’re safe to the touch. Roto Clipper won’t harm your skin. It’s delicate enough, it won’t even damage a balloon!

It’s hard to see when you clip your nails, but with Roto Clipper, you can trim your nails without glasses.

Clipping your nails is a struggle. Let battery-operated Roto Clipper do the work for you! The ergonomic grip fits comfortably in your hand, perfect for arthritis sufferers.

“I have a hard time bending down to trim my toenails. Roto Clipper makes it so easy.”

“I have patients coming in all the time to trim their nails, and now with Roto Clipper, they can trim their own nails and keep them healthy.”

Did rough nails snag your stocking? Roto Clipper grooms nails with smooth, even edges. Kids will flip that they get to clip! It’s never been easier.

“Cutting my son’s nails used to be a battle, but with the Roto Clipper, it’s so fun, he actually wants to trim his nails now.”

Now file and trim your nails the fast, easy way with Roto Clipper for just $14.95. But wait! Call now and we’ll double the offer, just pay separate processing and handling. You get it all for just $14.95! So call now!

Roto Clipper Reviews

We first spotted Roto Clipper advertising in April 2015, and it was likely being test marketed at the time. By late 2015, it the product was seen in heavy rotation in a renewed advertising campaign.

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Roto Clipper appears almost identical to another product called the Pursonic NC1 Electric Nail Trimmer. That product has a lukewarm 2.5 stars on Amazon, with several reviewers comparing it to an electric nail filer. The little feedback we have received has also been lukewarm at best. It would appear that those who are dissatisfied with the product believe that the motor is not strong enough to perform its function efficiently.

Our own evaluation of the product was also somewhat lukewarm. The trimmer worked moderately most of the time, although some testers felt that the motor wasn’t powerful enough to file as quickly as shown in the advertising. Indeed, in most cases we found trimming nails to go faster with a standard pair of nail clippers than with Roto Clipper. The strength of the battery seemed to affect how well it cut nails.

That said, there are cases where a product such as Roto Clipper may come in handy, especially that of small children who squirm or are afraid to have their nails trimmed.

Roto Clipper is comfortable to hold, and operation is relatively quiet. Cleaning is not problematic, and it is safe to touch.

Epic Conclusion

Roto Clipper is an As Seen on TV product which trims and files nails simultaneously. While we wouldn’t say it works as impressively as the advertising demonstrates, it does perform the job moderately well. There isn’t a compelling time difference over standard nail clippers, but in some cases – such as that of small children – Roto Clipper may be a superior choice.

If you’ve used Roto Clipper, please give it a star rating above and a comment below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in April 2015.