Colorama Cats and Kittens Review: Adult Coloring Book


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Colorama Cats and Kittens

Colorama Cats and Kittens is an adult stress-relief coloring book full of cats and kittens.

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Claims & Features

  • Hours of stress-free fun
  • Fun and easy to do
  • Printed on one-side acid-free paper
  • Can use colored pencils, markers, pastels, watercolors and crayons

Cost & Availability

Website: $12.99 + $6.99 S&H; can opt out of additional items; Extended Collection: $42.97 + $7.99 S&H. Note that the embedded commercial below shows a price of $10, which is no longer accurate.

Although commercials state that the product isn’t available in stores, we located it at a Kmart here in Las Vegas for $13 in February 2016.

Colorama Cats and Kittens Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.


Do you love cats? Then you’ll love Colorama Cats & Kittens! Enjoy hours of stress-free fun while you color playful kittens, finding hidden tabby cats, and creating the most colorful calicos you’ve ever seen!

It’s so much fun, and so easy to do! You can’t make a mistake. From stalking tigers to stained-glass Siamese, you’ll find relaxation on every amazing page!

Use colored pencils, markers, pastels, water colors, even crayons to color page after page of majestic cats and adorable kittens.

Each design is printed on one-sided, acid-free paper that’s perforated, perfect for personalizing your home décor or for giving as a hand-made gift they’re guaranteed to treasure.

“I love coming home from work and have a nice glass a wine, and my husband and I like to color together. Just a wonderful way to spend time together.”

“Actually, I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished. I frame it!”

“It’s so fun, relaxing, therapeutic. It’s just a new part of my everyday life.”

The Colorama Cats & Kittens coloring book is only $10, and not available in any store. And, if you call right now, we’ll send you, absolutely free, ten exclusive Colorama Cats & Kittens postcards, guaranteed to make them purr with happiness. You’ll also get our deluxe 2-in-1 colored pencils. These twelve professional-quality colors are perfect for creating your masterpieces – yours free too! And, find out about our incredibly low price on our deluxe 51 piece color kit, from water colors to markers, it contains everything you need. Get Colorama Cats & Kittens, the free ten gorgeous Colorama Cats & Kittens postcards, the free twelve colored pencil set, and exclusive pricing on our 51 piece color kit, for only $10! Order now!

Colorama Cats and Kittens Reviews

Colorama Cats and Kittens is the second offering in the Colorama line of adult coloring books. Whereas the original Colorama book featured a variety of interesting shapes and patterns, the latest edition features a large selection of cat designs.

Colorama Cats and Kittens borrows many of the same features found in the original Colorama, such as one-sided paper – meaning you don’t have to pick which side to display, and lessening the likelihood of bleed-though.

You can use crayons, paints, gel pens, and colored pencils on Colorama books, although you can’t use heavy markers, which will bleed through the paper.

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The positive aspects of Colorama Cats & Kittens is that it does offer a nice variety of attractive designs. There is a significant amount of detail, so you will rarely find yourself coloring large areas with a single color. With over 100 designs, you will have plenty of coloring sessions to keep you occupied. The paper is of moderately high quality.

There are two primary negatives, both of which carry over from our reader reviews of the original Colorama. First, if you order online, you will face shipping delays that to some some customers seem extensive. Because this product is found in stores, we highly advise that you pick it up locally to avoid shipping hassles. The other problem that we, and our readers, have encountered, is that the colored pencils can be difficult to sharpen and some readers feel they are of a low quality.

Colorama Cats and Kittens is marketed by Telebrands, one of the largest As Seen on TV marketers in the world. As of this writing, the company’s Better Business Bureau rating is C- with a large number of complaints regarding the product or service, and advertising or sales issues.

You can find Colorama Cats and Kittens on Amazon, where is boasts a relatively strong rating, although many of the reviews there were in exchange for a free or discounted product. It is the opinion of many professional reviewers that giving free or discounted products in exchange for a review could affect the judgement of the person receiving the item. This practice could make the reviewer feel obligated to provide a more positive review than if he/she had bought it themselves.

Similar Products

If you enjoyed the original Colorama, you will no doubt be excited to add the Cats & Kittens edition to your collection. There are, of course, numerous adult coloring books to be found online. Take, for example, the Stress Relieving Animal Designs book, which sells for under $10 and has a 4.5 star rating among about 1,300 reviewers.

Epic Conclusion

Colorama Cats and Kittens is an adult coloring book by telemarketing giant Telebrands. The book features over 100 attractive and intricate designs which are generally well-received by consumers. Billing concerns can be sidestepped by purchasing locally.

If you’ve used Colorama Cats and Kittens, please give it a star rating and comment below.