Big Vision Glasses Review: Do They Improve Vision?


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Big Vision is a product which can be worn over regular glasses to provide additional magnification for the wearer.

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Big Vision Glasses

Big Vision eyewear are magnifiers which can be worn over regular glasses and contacts to provide additional magnification to the wearer. They work similarly to reading glasses, with the exception that your original pair of glasses do not need to be removed first. The official product website is, which was registered in March 2014. As of January 2016, the website appears unchanged from our from when we first evaluated it in early 2015.

big vision website

The Big Vision website in early 2015

Cost and Availability

Big Vision costs $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. It can only be bought in sets of two, which means you are obligated pay another $7.99, bringing your total order amount to $35.97. A carrying case and LED light are also included.

Keep in mind that on the order page you are selecting a quantity of sets, not a quantity of products. So selecting “1” will actually select a set of two. This has proven confusing for some customers.

Big Vision is now available in stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond for about $15.


  • Can be worn over prescription glasses
  • 160% magnification (The website originally stated it was 200% – see screenshot above)
  • No prescription necessary
  • Unisex frames
  • No distortion
  • Brings the power of a magnifying glass to your glasses

Big Vision Commercial

The television commercial below is an extended advertisement for Big Vision Glasses. It first appeared in 2014.

Transcript of the commercial above:

When you have something small and detailed to do, you squint, hold it close, and still can’t see. And with a magnifying glass you’re not hands-free. What you need is Big Vision, the magnifying eye wear that makes everything 160% bigger and clearer.

Look, you could hold a magnifying glass with one hand and try to work with the other. Oh brother! But Big Vision brings the power of a magnifying glass to the place you really need it: your eyes, so you can work with both hands.

Big Visions are not reading glasses but hands-free magnifying eye wear that helps you enlarge even the tiniest details.

Now work on crafts up-close. Inspect stamps and coins like a pro. Even the smallest print is 160% bigger with Big Vision.

Big Vision is truly a life saver for removing a splinter or clipping your child’s fingernails. Let Big Vision help you repair intricate jewelry, solder a circuit board, or discover the secrets of an old photo.

Big Vision can be comfortably worn over prescription glasses or contacts. You see all the details without painful straining and squinting, and there’s no prescription needed.

“It’s very clear. It’s amazing.”

“They do not make glasses that do this. It’s like high definition.”

“Oh wow, it went in there. That is amazing. I mean, that was fast, too.”

It’s perfect for magnifying small print on medications, enlarging pictures and text on your smartphone or remote controls.

What you need is Big Vision, the magnifying eye wear that makes everything 160% bigger and clearer.


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Reviews for Big Vision typically fall into one of two categories: Those who comment on the shipping/billing process, and those who comment on the product itself. As with many As Seen on TV products, the shipping and billing for Big Vision does not sit well with some consumers. Because it must be ordered in sets of two, there is nearly $16 in non-refundable shipping charge for the product.

Those who have used the product have stated that it works generally as advertised, but the 1.6X magnification is minimal, and is not likely to replace a magnifying glass for higher-magnification needs.

There has been considerable debate among reviewers whether or not a product like Big Vision actually offers a new solution. The commercial seems to imply that it can work as reading glasses and higher-powered magnifiers – both of which have existed for hundreds of years. Is it more convenient to place Big Vision over normal glasses, or to simply switch to a pair of reading glasses? If you believe the answer is “yes” then Big Vision may be a solution for you.

A testimonial in the commercial above states, “They do not make reading glasses that do this,” but we found this not to be accurate. The magnification of Big Vision is not extraordinary or unique in any way.


As noted above, the results promised by Big Vision can be achieved with an inexpensive pair of reading glasses, which can be found in a variety of styles for much less. For higher-magnification needs of hobbyists, high-powered magnifiers or even a higher-powered set of reading glasses would probably be superior.

Epic Conclusion

Big Vision attempts to address a problem which has long been solved in terms of reading glasses, bifocals, and high-powered magnifying glasses. If the thought of placing a second pair of glasses over your existing glasses seems more convenient than switching to a pair of reading glasses, you may want to consider Big Vision. A simple pair of reading glasses, however, can be considerably less expensive and can be found in a greater variety of styles and colors.

This review has been updated since its original publication in February 2015.