Copper Fit Wrist Review: Wrist Compression Sleeve


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Copper Fit Wrist

Copper Fit Wrist is a compression wrist sleeve to offer temporary relief from wrist pain.

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Claims & Features

  • Copper-infused sleeve
  • Reinforces, stabilizes, and aligns wrist
  • Good for joint inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, and arthritis
  • May improve recovery time
  • Fingers remain free and mobile

Cost & Availability

Copper Fit Wrist can be found on the official product website for $19.99 + $4.99 shipping, for a total of $24.98. It is sold as a “relief system” consisting of a Copper Fit Wrist Relief and a Copper Fit Soft Compression Wrist Sleeve.

As of February 2016, Copper Fit Wrist is not available in stores. Because the product website was first registered in November 2015, it appears that this new addition to the Copper Fit line will be advertised on television before arriving in stores. If you have seen Copper Fit Wrist in stores, please let us know in the comments below.

Copper Fit Wrist Commercial

Below is a transcript of a television commercial that ran for Copper Fit Wrist.

Your wrist is powerful, flexible, versatile, but when your wrist hurts, the pain is the worst. Now, take on the pain with Copper Fit Wrist Relief, the new wrist support brace that stabilizes muscles and joints to help relieve pain.

Take on wrist pain from joint inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, even arthritis. Copper Fit Wrist features adjustable compression so you can customize support that’s ideal for you.

“I was really restricted in what I could do at the gym because there was so much pain in my wrist. With Copper Fit, I can do the things I love to do.”

With Copper Fit Wrist, you get maximum support and customized compression guaranteed.

“I work long hours lifting heavy boxes all day. Without Copper Fit Wrist, I don’t know if I could make it throughout the day.”

Repetitive wrist actions inflame the joint. Now stabilize your wrist while reducing recovery time.

“My hands are my job, and through overuse, I can get a lot of pain. The Copper Fit Wrist gives me the support I need so I can do the work I love.”

The copper-infused breathable sleeve cradles your wrist in a cushioned comfort while reinforced splints provide stability and alignment.

“I cook for over a hundred people a night. That’s a lot of chopping. At the end of the night, my wrist hurts. The Copper Fit Wrist gives me the support that I need, and it helps me get the job done.”

Best of all, your fingers stay free and completely mobile, so you can keep doing the things you love.

Ordinary wrist supports can cost $40.00 or more. Now, you can enjoy the comfort and support of Copper Fit Wrist Relief for only $19.99. Order now, and we’ll also send you our Copper Fit soft compression wrist sleeve, ideal for delicate detail work and the ultimate rest all night. Copper Fit Wrist – guaranteed relief, or your money back, but keep the Copper Fit soft compression wrist sleeve as our gift just for trying. Call 1-800-426-5987 or go on the web at Feel the power of Copper Fit!

Copper Fit Wrist Reviews

Copper Fit Wrist is the latest in a rapidly-expanding line of Copper Fit products which have graced the airwaves in recent months. Following such offerings as Copper Fit Socks, Copper Fit Back Pro, Copper Fit Step FX, and Copper Fit Strength & Tone, we now have a Copper Fit product dedicated to problems related to the wrist.

Although “Copper Fit Wrist” is advertised as a single product, there are actually two wrist products included: Copper Fit Wrist Relief, and Copper Fit Soft Compression Wrist Sleeve. The first of these is a thicker support brace with reinforced splints that help keep wrist properly aligned. The softer version allows for a more free range of motion for delicate tasks.

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There are two elements to consider when evaluating Copper Fit Wrist: Compression and support, and the inclusion of copper in the fabric. Although it is generally accepted that wrist supports do allow some relief from wrist pain, the usefulness of copper in fabric is still the subject of debate. It isn’t clear if wearing copper-infused fabric imparts any health benefits whatsoever.

The entire Copper Fit line is known for its high quality materials, and the wrist sleeve is no exception. Wearing a wrist support such as this can prevent you from developing or continuing bad habits which may place unnecessary stress on the wrist, and may provide temporary relief from existing wrist conditions. You may find the softer wrist support to be more forgiving for some tasks such as typing, while the harder sleeve may be needed for tougher tasks like working out with weights or playing basketball. By slipping on a Copper Fit Wrist sleeve, you will find that some movements are not as easily achieved, and this is probably desirable in some cases. Wrist problems are often caused by repetitive movements which cause strain on the joints and tendons.

Oddly, the Copper Fit Wrist FAQ does not have any questions or answers dedicated to this specific product, but to general Copper Fit questions. It discusses compression sleeves and the fabric used in their products, but not how this particular product can benefit consumers.

Perhaps a relevant question to ask when considering such a product is whether or not wrist braces and splints do in fact help such conditions as tendonitis or carpal tunnel. We asked a medical expert’s opinion on the usefulness of wrist braces. He noted that braces may temporarily relieve pain, but do not positively affect the underlying problem. He also stated that some people end up causing more wrist injury more by continuing to work a healing wrist by wearing a support device, rather than simply letting it with rest. If you have a medical condition, you may want to get a health care professional’s opinion before self-treating the problem.

As with the majority of Copper Fit products, we expect consumers to eventually give Copper Fit Wrist around a 4-star rating.

Similar Products

There are a number of wrist supports which range from $5 to $20, and can be found locally at stores such as Walgreens. Popular brands include Futuro and ACE. You can find a dizzying variety of wrist supports on Amazon.

Epic Conclusion

Copper Fit Wrist is a solid entrant in the wrist support category. Although both sleeves are well made and provide excellent support, there is little reason to choose this over locally-available alternatives. If you are a fan of copper-infused sleeves or the Copper Fit brand, you will certainly enjoy Copper Fit Wrist.

Have you tried Copper Fit Wrist? Please give it a star rating and comment below.