Copper Fit Strength & Tone Review


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Copper Fit Strength & Tone

Copper Fit Strength & Tone are knee and leg strength resistance training sleeves.

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Note: As of August 2016, Copper Fit Strength & Tone is not available. The closest product you’ll find is Power Knee, which you can read about here. The review below contained information that was accurate as of January 2016.

Claims & Features

  • Maximum support
  • Targeted muscle toning
  • Memory retention technology
  • Copper-infused to help burn fat and improve muscle strength
  • Four level resistance rods
  • Balances stability

Cost & Availability

When you purchase from the official website,, you can expect to pay $29.99 + Free Shipping for two knee sleeves.

There are four sizing options at check-out: small, medium, large, and extra large. The sizing chart states that small accommodates 15.5-17″ thighs, mediums are 17.5-19″, large are 19.5-21″, and XL are 21.5-23″ thighs. There is currently only one color available.

With each order, you will get two copper-infused sleeves and four level 1 resistance rods, which amount to 5 pounds of resistance.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee. Oddly, the offer details states that shipping is not refundable, but there are no shipping costs with this product.

Copper Fit Strength and Tone is brought to you by Idea Village, a popular As Seen on TV firm which has been responsible for a number of popularly advertised products in recent years.

As of this writing, Copper Fit Strength and Tone is not available in stores or on Amazon. Most As Seen on TV products go through a period in which the product is only offered online, and then finds its way to store shelves, which we expect to happen in this case. If you’ve seen this product in stores, please drop us a comment below.

A product tagline reads, “The ultimate knee and leg strength resistance trainer!”

Copper Fit Strength & Tone Commercial

Below is a transcript of a commercial that ran for Copper Fit Strength and Tone:

More strength, more power, more tone. Introducing Copper Fit Strength & Tone, the high performance leg resistance training sleeves designed to strengthen, shape and tone, and maximize performance results.

“Your glutes, your quads, your hammies, your calves, your whole leg is getting a workout.”

“I’ve seen results in just a short amount of time.”

“Your same old workout routine is brand new.”

A lightweight copper-infused sleeve fitted with strong flexible resistance rods targets key important muscles, improves strength, shape and tone legs, accelerate performance.

“I’ve played collegiate football. If it’s gonna be a product that I’m gonna use, it needs to be great. Copper Fit Strength and Tone exceeded my expectations. The resistance all around it just helps make my workout that much better.”

Strength and Tone is effective for everyone. Two strength levels of interchangeable resistance rods force your muscles to work harder during any activity while providing balance stability for knee joints.

“My knees have been beat up for years with volleyball. Copper Fit has really helped stabilize my knees. I was a skeptic myself but after I tried it, I’m never giving up with Copper Fit.”

Burn fat, shape targeted muscles.

“As a professional athlete I put it through the most rigorous training. They felt amazing and the second I took them off, it was unbelievable. It gave me one extra step, and in my world that one extra step can be everything.

Copper Fit Strength & Tone Reviews

Copper Fit is a rapidly-expanding line of copper-infused compression garments and other sleeves which are designed for athletic support. The brand first advertised typical copper compression sleeves and socks that seemed to be in direct competition with Tommie Copper. In recent months, however, the lineup has expanded to include several support products, such as Copper Fit Back Pro, Copper Fit Step FX, and now Copper Fit Strength and Tone. Although other Copper Fit products have featured celebrity spokesman Brett Favre, we have not seen him in ads for this product as of this writing.

Strength and Tone visually resembles a standard knee compression sleeve, but it includes spring-like resistance bands on either side of the knee which provides a small amount of resistance. These bands can be removed or replaced. Because the order page states that bands come with “Level 1 Resistance Rods” it is a safe assumption that higher level rods will be made available for an additional cost at some point.

The marketing claims that the resistance bands are what makes Strength and Tone stand out above other compression sleeves. Each sleeve includes a small pocket on each side in which the resistance bands can be inserted. These bands provide resistance in one direction and support in the other direction.

Get the most out of your Strength and Tone by performing exercises that bend the knee to at least a 90° angle. Strength and Tone works great with Squats, Lunges, Knee Kicks, Step-Ups, Hamstring Curls, High Steps, and other exercises involving knee bending.

The rods work like springs, pushing against the movement as you squat, but pushing upward (with you) as you rise, thus they only provide resistance in one direction of movement. An increase of only 5 pounds will make very little difference in most workouts. Plus, to achieve the full 5 pounds, you will need to do squats to a 90-degree angle. Simply walking will not even see 5 pounds of resistance, and again, that resistance only occurs in one direction of movement.

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The inclusion of the rods may only add negligible weight resistance, but it could deliver what feels like a more supportive experience for those with knee problems. Again, it’s difficult to say if 5 pounds will be discernible, but those with knee problems might notice some benefit with the rods.

Strength and Tone can be used without the resistance rods, and will function as a comfortable and durable knee compression sleeve.

The product website notes that Strength and Tone is not designed to be worn all day: “Strength and Tone is designed to enhance your exercise routine and then be removed.”

Copper-Infused Clothing?

A pillar of the “copper-infused” industry has been that the inclusion of copper in certain garments (and even jewelry) provides some sort of benefit over other types of materials. Indeed, the official Strength and Tone website states that it is “Copper-infused to help burn fat, maximize calorie burn and improve muscle strength and tone.” The statement implies that the addition of copper will lead to an increase in calorie burning, but there are no studies which back up such claims. Universities, the American Cancer Society, and other health writers have all rejected that wearing copper imparts any health benefits. Even its supposed anti-microbial properties are still being researched.

One unfortunate feature of the product website is the lack of a confirmation screen before placing your order. An order form is provided, and once you select “Process Order” there is no way to peruse your order before confirming. This is a common practice among As Seen on TV marketers, which has often been the source of many complaints from customers who didn’t feel they had a chance to review or change their orders.

Similar Products

There are a number of knee compression sleeves available in a wide variety of styles and prices. Popular choices range from $20-$50, which makes Strength and Tone fall right in the average range. A number of sleeves now include copper, although the resistance rods appear to be unique to Strength and Tone.

The original Copper Fit Knee Brace has been available for some time and holds about a 3 to 3.5 star rating on sites like Walmart or Amazon. You can find that product in stores for about $10.

Epic Conclusion

The inclusion of copper and resistance rods feels somewhat gimmicky, although Copper Fit is known to make a high quality product. Muscle building with the small amount of resistance will be negligible, but these high quality sleeves are competitively priced and may still be worth trying, even if the bands don’t add much value. It is a clever design, and higher-resistance rods may make this more appealing to some people.

If you’ve used Copper Fit Strength & Tone, please give it a star rating and comment below.