Copper Fit Back Pro Review: Does it Help Back Pain?


Copper Fit Back Pro Review: Does it Help Back Pain?

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Review of the Copper Fit Back Pro, a copper-infused compression belt that straps around the midsection to provide support and comfort to the lower back.

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Copper Fit Back Pro

Copper Fit Back Pro is the latest piece of copper-infused compression wear in the Copper Fit lineup. It is a compression band that straps around the abdomen with adjustable Velcro straps to provide support and relief to the lower back. Like many brands of athletic compression wear, the Copper Fit Back Pro claims to offer pain alleviation and increased maneuverability. There are also claims regarding the infusion of copper into the fabric, such as antimicrobial properties which supposedly result in anti-odor features.

Copper Fit Back Pro TV commercial screenshot is the official product website.

Cost and Availability

The Copper Fit Back Pro is available to order from the product website.

It is currently priced at $19.99 with free shipping and handling (S&H).

There are two sizes available:

  • One that fits a 28″-39″ inch waist
  • One that fits a 39″-59″ inch waist

A sales tax is added to orders from CA, NJ, and NV.

According to the television commercial, delivery time is estimated to be 2-6 weeks.

Purchase of the Copper Fit Back Pro comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus S&H).

Claims and Features

  • Copper-infused compression brace for lower back support
  • Moisture-wicking fabric with anti-odor finishing
  • Malleable and formfitting design
  • Adjustable compression straps
  • Can be worn comfortably underneath clothes

Copper Fit Back Pro TV Commercial

The Science of Copper-Infused Compression Wear

There have been some scientific studies that link the wearing of compression stockings with pain relief, increased circulation, a reduction in swelling, and prevention of blood clots in the legs. In this regard, quality compression wear is known to be effective.

There does not seem to be any reliable scientific evidence of any benefits which come from wearing clothing infused with copper. There is some evidence that copper may have antimicrobial characteristics, but there is no evidence that these qualities are transferred to people who wear copper.

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For a more comprehensive look at the science and claimed health benefits of wearing copper, we recommend the following article – “Does Wearing Copper Provide Any Health Benefits?

Copper Fit Back Pro Reviews

The Copper Fit Back Pro first hit the airwaves around the beginning of 2015 and was seen as a competitor to other copper compression products such as Tommie Copper. In evaluating the product, the following questions were raised by our product researchers.

  • Sizing – Is the sizing of the two available sizes accurate?
  • Quality – What is the quality of the material and construction?
  • Price – Is the Copper Fit Back Pro an adequate piece of compression wear for the price?

Regarding sizing, this appears to be something of a hit-or-miss point of satisfaction. We found satisfaction in sizing to be generally accurate, although larger individuals have told us that the bigger of the two sizes seemed tight on the upper end of the size range.

Quality and comfort-wise, we found Copper Fit Back Pro to be well-made and to provide ample support while still feeling comfortable to wear.

We have also heard reports of Copper Fit customers receiving telephone calls from associated telemarketers who attempt to sign them up for a monthly savings club subscription which can be difficult to cancel after enrollment.


There are many compression belts on the market from various brands, both with and without the infusion of copper threading. It may pay off to shop for a solid compression belt locally to avoid delivery delays. This also allows consumers to examine the quality and size of the product prior to purchase.

Epic Conclusion

The Copper Fit Back Pro is a strap-on compression brace for the lower back that is infused with copper. We found it to be durable and comfortable. Well-made compression wear is known to provide some health benefits (mainly pain relief and increased circulation), but there seems to be a lack of scientific evidence regarding the benefits of wearing copper.

This review has been updated since its original publication in March 2015.