VertaLoc Knee Brace Review: Does it Help Knee Pain?


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VertaLoc Knee Brace

VertaLoc Knee Brace is a knee brace marketed toward people over the age of 65 who experience discomfort.

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Claims & Features

  • Stabilize and control medial lateral movement
  • Adjustable hinges
  • Indicated to be used for mild fractures, ligament support, rheumatoid arthritis, sprains, and strains

Cost & Availability

Website: No price is given, but it is suggested that the cost may be covered by insurance. You can find various VertaLoc knee braces marketed by third party vendors online from about $90 – $180.

VertaLoc Knee Brace Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

VertaLoc Knee Brace Reviews

Although the VertaLoc Knee Brace is advertised on television as a single product, there are actually two models available. The Dynamic Knee Brace, and the VertaLoc Max OA Knee Brace, with the latter being a more expensive version. VertaLoc braces are currently being advertised to those over 65, as this demographic may be able to receive one with little or no cost through insurance.

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VeraLock Knee Brace, in both of its incarnations, is a well-made and durable product. Where it sets itself apart from lower-end knee braces is that of a range of motion hinge which can be adjusted to accommodate individual requirements. While hinged knee braces are not new, it is rare to see them advertised on television.

A variety of ailments can be relieved by wearing a VertaLoc knee brace. It provides compression and limits range of motion as desired. It does take some adjustment when walking with a VertaLoc, as you may need to “limp” with a somewhat stiff leg, depending on how limited you set your range of motion. Note that a knee brace will not cure any condition, but can provide some relief.

It’s unfortunate that knee braces sometimes get a bad rap because not all knee pain is the same, and therefore not every solution will work similarly. A knee brace can only provide temporary relief, and it is those who have realistic expectations who will get the most out of this product.

Choosing the proper size of any garment to be worn can be problematic when ordering online. If you are very thin, for example, you may find you’ll need to order the smallest size and hope that it is a proper fit. There is a sizing chart on the official website that will help achieve a proper fit for most people.

Similar Products

VertaLoc is not the only hinged knee brace on the market. Indeed, a cursory glance of hinged knee braces over at Amazon yields quite a few choices. As you can see from the customer ratings, these types of braces are well-received.

Epic Conclusion

VertaLoc is a solid entrant in the field of higher end hinged knee braces. Proper sizing and fit are key to getting the most out of it, and this is not always easy to achieve when ordering online. Your insurance may cover VertaLoc, which we feel will bring relief to most consumers.

If you’ve used VertaLoc Knee Brace, please give it a star rating and comment below.