Lock Wallet Review: RFID-Blocking Wallet


Lock Wallet

Lock Wallet is an RFID-blocking wallet that is advertised as a way to prevent credit card skimming and keep important data safe.

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Claims & Features

  • Wallet with an RFID blocking shield
  • Ligthweight
  • Fits any pocket or purse
  • Zip around style
  • Holds 36 cards, cash, IDs
  • Clear outer ID holder
  • Available in black, brown, or red

Cost & Availability

You can purchase Lock Wallet from the official website for $10 + $6.99 shipping for a total of $16.99. You can add a second wallet for another $6.99 shipping, which would bring your order to $23.98.

The ordering process has been a point of contention for some consumers who may have inadvertently ordered two sets, or those who have said that shipping took an inordinate amount of time.

You can now find Lock Wallet in some stores such as Fry’s for about $10.

The official product website is buylockwallet.com, as seen in the screenshot below.

lock wallet review

Lock Wallet website in January 2016.

Television Commercial

Transcript of the commercial above:

Fact: Right now, you or someone you know has been a victim of credit card fraud.

“I discovered there was a fraudulent charge right there on my account.”

“My identity got stolen.”

“My credit card got skimmed, and I have no idea where or how.”

Now you can stop electronic pickpocketing from happening to you with Lock Wallet – the lightweight, compact wallet that stores, secures, and protects all your wallet’s contents from cyber theft.

Most credit cards have RFID chips that broadcast a signal that can be stolen up to ten feet away. Look, this credit card is easily read by this scanner and stolen. But, put the same card in Lock Wallet, and the scanner can’t read your personal information.

The secret is a nano-thin layer of RFID-blocking aluminum that puts an impenetrable barrier between your personal information, and RFID readers.

Lock Wallet stores and organizes an incredible amount of cards, cash, photos, IDs, and more, in a stylish, leather-like material, perfect for men or women.

Unlike big, messy wallets, Lock Wallet’s slim design fits perfectly into clutches, purses, front pockets, and more. It has full, zip-around protection to keep everything safe and secure.

“I love the security that Lock Wallet provides.”

“Well it holds everything that I need, and it’s protecting me and my family.”

“It’s fashionable, it keeps me organized, and I know my credit cards are safe.”

Any time your card is exposed, you’re at risk, so keep them locked up safe and sound with Lock Wallet!

Call now and get Lock Wallet in your choice of black, brown, or red, for only ten dollars. Order right now, and we’ll double the offer! You’ll get a second Lock Wallet – free! Just pay additional processing and handling. You get it all! Two Lock Wallets, an incredible value for just ten dollars. Call or click now.

Lock Wallet Reviews

Lock Wallet promises to keep credit cards and identities safe by providing a safe housing for important smart cards. It uses RFID-blocking material to prevent skimming, or the stealing of information transmitted by modern credit cards.

As we have noted in our review for Card Lock, the need for RFID blocking gadgets is debatable. A lack of real-world cases, coupled with the fact that thieves could only use a card once makes the threat largely overblown. It has also been pointed out that a skimmer may only download a garbled mess if attempting to skim a wallet containing more than one RFID card.

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Finally, DIY types have shown that a simple piece of aluminum foil can also serve to block RFID signals in the same manner as products like this.

Those reassurances aside, there are those who prefer to go the extra mile and protect their credit cards with such products as Lock Wallet, which provides an extra barrier of security. Our product researchers feel that Lock Wallet is certainly a viable option regarding RFID-blocking wallets. It holds a large number of items and appears to be well-constructed. It sports more of a purse-like design than that of a wallet, which may affect consumer satisfaction with the design. In fact, the design is slightly reminiscent of an older As Seen on TV product known as Touch Purse, which we have still seen in As Seen on TV stores as of 2016. We don’t feel that Lock Wallet will fit in the back pocket as comfortably as wallets with a standard design.

Due to the limited number of television advertisements, Lock Wallet appears to be in the test marketing phase, which could mean some early reviews may complain of slow shipping. Those who review the merits of the product itself will are more likely to give it positive reviews.

Lock Wallet does not have a pouch for cash as most consumers have become accustomed with regular wallets. Cash can still be stored inside, but not in the manner achieved with most wallets.

Similar Products

There are numerous RFID-blocking wallets available at Amazon, ranging anywhere from $13-$40. Most of these products are highly-rated.

Epic Conclusion

We feel that Lock Wallet is a viable choice for those shopping for an RFID-blocking wallet. While the risks presented in the advertising may be overblown, many consumers prefer to purchase products such as this for peace of mind. Lock Wallet doesn’t look or feel like a standard wallet, which could negatively affect consumer satisfaction, especially men who are accustomed to the feel of a standard wallet in their back pockets.

If you’ve used Lock Wallet, please give it a star rating and comment below.

Note: This review has been updated since its original publication in July 2015.