HurryCane Reviews: Does it Stand Up to the Competition?


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HurryCane is advertised as the #1 selling cane in America. It has been advertised on television for several years, and today we take a closer look at the product.

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About HurryCane

What was once a single product has now been expanded to two canes in the HurryCane brand. The products are HurryCane Freedom Edition and HurryCane Go. Both versions are advertised as freestanding canes with a pivoting base. The Freedom Edition folds out but does not have a cushioned handle. The Go version does not fold out, but does have a cushioned handle.

The official product website is, which has been registered since September 2004.

hurrycane website

Cost and Availability

When you purchase from the product website, either cane will cost $39.95, which is said to be marked down from a $69.95 value. It appears that this “sale” price is always in effect, however.

HurryCane is available in stores such as Walgreens or Bed Bath and Beyond for about $40.

Claims and Features

  • #1 selling cane in America
  • All-terrain cane
  • Freestanding design
  • Inspired by the human body
  • Pivoting base
  • Foam handle (“Go” edition)
  • Fold-out design (“Freedom” edition)

HurryCane Reviews

Because the HurryCane has been around for several years, online reviews for the product are readily available. The official website includes a large number of consumer reviews (over 2400 as of June 2015), but it appears that only positive reviews are published. A more balanced pool of reviews is probably found on Amazon, where the cane has about a 4-star rating among over 1500 reviews. Keep in mind that these are primarily for the original HurryCane, and not the newer models.

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As noted above, there are two models currently on the market. They are the same price, but offer slightly different features. The Freedom Edition is a fold-out cane, but the handle is not cushioned. The Go edition is not a fold-out cane, but it does offer a foamed handle.

There are two primary complaints among the large number of online reviews. Perhaps the most prominent complaint is that the base is only freestanding on non-carpeted surfaces. This is obviously less than ideal for most people who have carpeted floors. Being that HurryCane is advertised as a freestanding cane, this could be an issue for some people.

A second minor complaint is that the base tends to squeak, and this minor annoyance has proven difficult to remedy.

Some early reviewers pointed out that the handle was short and not cushioned, a feature which appears to have been remedied by the Go edition.

Those most pleased with the cane have said that it works as advertised, and some consumers have said it is probably a good backup cane due to its compact design.


There was another As Seen on TV cane in recent years called the Trusty Cane. That stand-alone cane was also advertised on television, although reviews for it were not as positive as the HurryCane. A Quadpod cane by Hugo is a freestanding cane with relatively high consumer marks. It may be worth your while to shop around for a cane which fits your needs.

Epic Conclusion

HurryCane is a decent entrant in the field of canes to assist walking. Although it boasts around a 4 star online rating, a minority of complaints point to its inability to stand on carpeted surfaces.We would opt for the Go edition due to its superior handle.

If you’ve used any version of the HurryCane, please let us know what you thought in the comments below.