Gadget Grab Review: Tablet and Phone Stand


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Gadget Grab

Gadget Grab is a tablet and smart phone holder which is advertised on TV.

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Claims & Features

  • Universal tablet and phone stand
  • Just flip, stick, and stand
  • Special sticky polymer surface
  • Leaves no residue

Cost & Availability

Gadget Grab costs $10 + $4.95 shipping. This includes 2 units, large and small for tablet or phone. You are also required to pay another $4.95 shipping for a second set, which brings your total to $19.90. You may also find it in some stores such as Walmart for about $10.

Gadget Grab Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of August 2015.

Gadget Grab Reviews

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Tablet and smart phone holders are rather ubiquitous accessories in today’s tech market. The commercial for Gadget Grab is correct in that people think nothing of buying an $800 tablet only to prop it up precariously on a pillow.

Enter Gadget Grab, a product which offers a sticky polymer surface on which your tablet or smart phone can rest. The design is simple, yet mostly effective. Fortunately, the makers of Gadget Grab decided to include a smaller phone stand in the box, so you’ll get two units to suit your needs.

As stated, we found that Gadget Grab worked in most cases. There were, however, a few unexpected instances where the results were less than optimal. This was often due to a tablet or phone with a case which did not stick. Notice that in the commercials, the devices are shown without cases, although most people do have cases on such devices. A rhinestone cell phone case, for example, did not stay on the phone stand.

If you are not using a case, Gadget Grab will likely perform as expected.

Similar Products

As Seen on TV aficionados may remember a product called GripGo, which was an automotive smartphone holder. It featured a similar green surface and operated under the same principle. That product was plagued by a weak suction cup, which is not relevant in the case of Gadget Grab. Another As Seen on TV product in recent years was GoGo Pillow, a sort of pillow/holder combo. That disappeared rather quickly.

You can find a wealth of tablet holders on Amazon, typically ranging from $10-$20.

Epic Conclusion

Gadget Grab delivers a simple yet effective tablet and smart phone stand. Aside from the instances where a device’s case prevented it from properly sticking, we found Gadget Grab to work about as expected. It’s not the only game in town, but certainly a worthy entrant in the field.

If you’ve used Gadget Grab, please give it a star rating and comment below.