Battle Balloons Review: Fast-Filling Balloons


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Battle Balloons

Battle Balloons is a kids toy which allows you to instantly fill 40 balloons at the same time.

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Claims & Features

  • Works with any hose
  • Fill 40 balloons in seconds
  • Ties automatically
  • One-time use
  • Comes in red, blue, and green

Cost & Availability

There are two purchase options when ordering from the official website. You can get the standard package, which includes 120 balloons (three sets of 40) for $10 + $5.99 shipping. There is another package which adds 120 “Battle Balloons Color Burst” which includes non-staining washable dye.

We have seen Battle Balloons in stores, namely Bed Bath and Beyond, for about $10. A Battle Balloons launcher and “Color Combat” products are also found in stores.

Battle Balloons Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing. Is is virtually the same as a commercial for Balloon Bonanza which aired in 2015.

Battle Balloons Reviews

Battle Balloons is a re-branding of a Telebrands product called Balloon Bonanza which saw heavy advertising back in mid-2015. Balloon Bonanza itself was a knockoff of a product called Bunch O Balloons, which sued Telebrands and Bed Bath and Beyond for patent infringement. There have been little reports about the suit in the months since, but one may assume that the name change from Balloon Bonanza to Battle Balloons could be related to the suit.

Both products work by means of a series of small tubes which connect to a larger tube that in turn connects to a hose. When the water is engaged, all of the tubes simultaneously fill the 40 attached balloons. When they are ready, the will fall off and immediately seal.

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We found that there is something of a technique involved for properly filling balloons with these devices. You’ll want to snap your wrist at the right moment to help them fall off at the optimal time. You’ll also want to have them fall into a container of water, otherwise many of the balloons could break as they fall. A problem some consumers have cited is that of under-filling. If you disengage the balloons too early, they will be under-filled, and thus difficult to pop when thrown.

Although Battle Balloons and Bunch O Balloons visually appear the same, it has been our experience that there are as many differences as there are superficial similarities, primarily with durability.

Battle Balloons appears to be of a lower quality construction, which leads to leakage. Other complaints include the balloons dropping off too early, which renders them useless. Because both Battle Balloons and Bunch O Balloons can be found in stores for about the same price, we recommend going with the original, which is widely thought to be a better-made product.

Battle Balloons are a one-time use, although some DIY types may have suggestions how to re-use them. Any such technique to re-use this product will be somewhat time consuming, so it may not be worth the effort. If you have found a way to reuse products like this, please drop us a comment below.

Similar Products

As stated, Battle Balloons is a knockoff of Bunch O Balloons. You may be interested in our full review of Bunch O Balloons from 2015 or a comparison of fast fill balloon products that were advertised throughout 2015.

Epic Conclusion

Battle Balloons is a re-branding of Balloon Bonanza by Telebrands, a product that was the subject of a patent infringement lawsuit. It is a knockoff of a product called Bunch O Balloons, which is more durable and less prone to leakage and other problems. You may want to try the original first. Purchase locally, and keep an eye out for Bunch O Balloons, which is more durable.

Have you tried Battle Balloons? Please give it a star rating and comment below.