I Do 3D Pens Review: Do They Work?


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I Do 3D Pens

I Do 3D Pens are pens that can be used to create 3D drawings and projects.

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Claims & Features

  • Create 3D projects
  • Variety of 3D instructions available

Cost & Availability

You can find I Do 3D Pens at retailers such as Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Michaels. There are different sizes, which start around $20.

I Do 3D Pens Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

I Do 3D Pens Reviews

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I Do 3D Pens brings 3D pen technology into the world of children’s toys. In the set you’ll receive several pens, a plastic sheet on which your creation will be made, a curing light, and a guide. To make your creation, you “draw” onto your plastic sheet, then dry it with the light. Once it is dry, it can be peeled off and added to other items created using the same process. These can be combined to make elaborate 3D works of art.

A “dog house” for example is created by drawing each side of the structure. Each of these is dried and peeled off, which are then combined together to form a cube.

Although 3D pens are not new, I Do 3D Pens presents the technology in an easy-to-understand package that is well-suited to older kids. We’re not sure that younger kids will have sufficient skill or patience to get the most out of this product. Curing, for example, can take a minute or two to perform. If it is taking longer than that, be sure to hold the light only a half inch away from the material, and have fresh batteries – which, by the way, are not included. If materials aren’t cured properly, the project can become a mess rather quickly.

Although there may be some dexterity and patience required to create the masterpieces shown in the advertising, kids will find that even rudimentary skills are sufficient to have fun with this craft toy. Some younger kids may find the skill required to be too frustrating.

At around $20-$25, the price is certainly palatable enough, especially in comparison to similar pens geared toward adults.

Similar Products

There are a number of competing products which are typically higher end, and thus more expensive. A perusal of options at Amazon yields quite a few 3D pens of varying quality. 3D Magic 3D Maker is another competing product which has been advertising in recent months.

Epic Conclusion

I Do 3D Pens is a product that is fun, but not perfect. It requires patience and a certain level of skill. Improperly curing can lead to a sticky mess that parents will not enjoy cleaning up. For those who use it properly, it’s a great crafting project.

If you’ve used I Do 3D Pens, please give it a star rating and comment below.