Brite Ball Review: How Well Does it Work?


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Brite Ball is a flashing jiggling ball which is advertised as a way to provide hours of fun and sensory development to children.

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Brite Ball

BriteBall (sometimes written as two words “Brite Ball”) is self-described as “The one and only Brite Ball,” this product is a ball which lights up and jumps around for fun and sensory development.

The product website is at, which has a registration date of April 28, 2014.

Cost and Availability

Brite Ball is advertised on television for a cost of $15.95 for 1 BriteBall and 1 Bubble Bouncer. An additional $9.95 shipping is required, bringing the total to $25.90. The price is said to normally be $19.95, and the current $15.95 offer “will expire soon.”

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Claims and Features

  • Requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included
  • Good for sensory development
  • Wiggles, jiggles, flashes, and plays music
  • Comes with a screwdriver for easy battery replacement
  • 30 day money back guarantee (Bubble Bouncer can be kept as a free gift)
  • 2-3 week expected delivery time


Because BriteBall appears to be a new product with limited marketing, reviews are scant. One Amazon customer reported that the on/off switch broke soon after receiving it, but that is hardly a large enough pool of reviews to ascertain a good idea of product satisfaction.

Although BriteBall is advertised as “the only one of its kind” there are in fact similar products on the market. A cursory search for “lighted jiggle ball” will reveal other flashing, jiggling balls which are readily available.

The website is also lacking in certain details such as if shipping is refundable in the case of a return, the suggested age range of the product, and the type of materials from which it is constructed.

Epic Conclusion

BriteBall appears to be a new product with limited advertising. The name is listed differently (Brite Ball, Briteball, BriteBall) and the website is lacking in general information. While it is marketed as “the only one of its kind” it does sport a design which is familiar to parents, and similar to other jiggle balls on the market. First-hand reviews for this product are lacking.

If you have used Brite Ball, please leave us a comment below and give it a star rating.