ZippySack Reviews: Do Kids Love It?


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ZippySack is a bed set that performs like a sleeping bag. It slips over a mattress and provides a snug pocket in which children can sleep. The product is said to provide an easy and fun way in which a bed can be made. It is also said to prevent kids from uncovering themselves as they sleep at night.

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Cost and Availability

A twin sized ZippySack costs $29.99 plus $9.99 shipping, which amounts to $39.98. A full sized ZippySack is $39.99 plus $9.99 shipping for a total price of $49.98.

Shipments to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico must add an additional $14.99. There is a carrying case included with each order. Shipping takes about 4-6 weeks.

Claims and Features

  • Transforms a child’s bed into a “cuddly friend”
  • 4 characters: Puppy, Dino, Kitty, Panda
  • Available only in twin and full sizes
  • A side pocket for storage
  • Not available in stores
  • 100% polyester


Below is a television commercial for Zippy Sack.

ZippySack Reviews

ZippySack was first test-marketed in the summer of 2014. In its first push, the product quickly went into back-order status and disappeared from the web and social media. It returned around October 30, 2014 with a renewed advertising campaign which has sustained as of February 2015.

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On the product’s Facebook page, a few customers have complained about being on back order status once again, and have wondered if the 4-6 weeks shipping window would provide enough time for the product to arrive for the holidays.

Regarding the product itself, some customers have suggested that a potential drawback is the limited design options, which seem to be geared toward young children. A patterned option would likely open up the product’s appeal to older kids. In its initial test marketing phase, there were two patterns and the product’s Facebook admins have stated that “more sizes – and possibly patterns – are coming soon.” As of June 2015, no new patterns have been offered.

A few customers have noted on the product’s Facebook page that the kitty design was on a 6-week back order. The page admins confirmed that “our Kitty ZippySack is our most popular item and has sold out.”

Similar Products

If ZippySack looks familiar, you may be thinking of another “zip” bedding product: Zipit Bedding. That product was featured on the television show Shark Tank and one may suspect that ZippySack’s design was influenced by it. Zipit Bedding comes in more designs and sizes, and is more expensive. It is also marketed to adults as well as kids.

Unlike Zipit Bedding, Zippy Sack still requires a separate fitted sheet.

Epic Conclusion

ZippySack slips over a child’s bed and provides a fun way to keep the bed made and neat. It is similar to the popular Zipit Bedding product, and has been met with generally favorable reviews. The primary complaints about the product have revolved around back order status and lack of availability for larger beds. Those who have used it have expressed generally favorable reviews.