Varidesk Review: Standing Desks


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Varidesk is a line of height-adjustable standing desks.

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Claims & Features

  • No assembly required
  • Easy to switch between sitting and standing
  • Height-adjustable
  • Plenty of space for monitors and other items
  • Comes in multiple sizes

Cost & Availability

You can find a variety of Varidesk products at the official products website. Pro Plus 36″ – $350; Cube Corner 36″ (White) – $400; Pro Plus 36″ (White) – $350; Cube Plus 40″ (White) – $375; Cube Corner 48″ – $400

Varidesk Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Varidesk Reviews

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Varidesk is a line of “standing desks” which allows you to work while standing. It is actually more of a desk top which resides on top of your existing desk. This is said to provide a wealth of health benefits. The beauty of Varidesk, however, is that you can quickly move from seated to standing (and back) with little effort.

As health reports in recent years have warned about the dangers of too much time spent sitting at a desk, consumers have sought out solutions to this problem. There have been other “standing desks” which were all or nothing, meaning you had to stand 100% of the time because they were not adjustable. With Varidesk, you can now choose to sit or stand at your leisure, as the unit can be adjusted to either position in seconds.

We have found the Varidesk line to be an excellent choice for those who are searching for a solution to back pain which is related to excessive sitting. A small “plus” is that the product comes pre-assembled, which has not been overlooked by reviewers who have used it.

Reviewers online have given Varidesk products overwhelmingly positive ratings, often ranking over 4.5 stars.

Although our researchers have been more than happy with Varidesk, we do look for any potential “cons” related to the product, which are fortunately very few. We did feel that very tall users may not get the maximum benefit, as they may still need to lean or hunch to look into the computer monitor. Further, although the space for monitors was more than ample, we did notice that – depending on your monitor, where it’s placed, and the model of Varidesk – you may find it shaking or wobbling if you’re typing at a feverish pace.

Another point which was debated here was that of desk space while using Varidesk, and there was no consensus of opinion from our team. One point of view holds that the Varidesk can lead to less desk space. This seems to depend on how you look at it, as the keyboard must also be raised, and those who use keyboard drawers may feel that the rearrangement of that accessory changed perceived space. Using a wireless keyboard may facilitate this, as you can drop it back in your keyboard drawer while in seated mode. This will also lessen the tangling of cords which can occur while raising or lowering the unit.

A little bonus to the desk is an app which will remind you when it’s time to sit or stand, and tells you how many calories you burned while standing.

If you decide to pick up a Varidesk, you will want to look into a mat to stand on, as hard floors will take their toll on your legs and back.

Similar Products

There are certainly other standing desks available. An online search for similar products will yield a number of competitors mixed in with the various Varidesk offerings. You’ll find consumer satisfaction with Varidesk to be toward the very top of the pack.

Epic Conclusion

Varidesk is an excellent choice for those who want to invest in a standing desk. If you’re very tall, you may want to evaluate your options closely.

If you’ve used Varidesk, please give it a star rating and comment below.