Sani Sticks Review: Clear and Odor-Free Drains?


Sani Sticks

Sani Sticks are concentrated drain cleaning and sanitation sticks. Read our Sani Sticks review from editors and readers.

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Claims & Features

  • Keeps your drains clear and odor-free
  • Safe for all drains and septic tanks
  • Sticks last for a month
  • Stops greasy build-up
  • Breaks down and digests organic deposits

Cost & Availability

You can purchase Sani Sticks from the official product website for $10.00 + $6.99 P&H. You can’t opt out of the double offer for additional $4.99 P&H. This gets you a total of 48 sticks. This means that your total shipping cost ($11.98) is actually more than the product itself.

A 48 pack of Sani Sticks can be found on Amazon for about $20 (see below). We have also seen 24 packs of Sani Sticks in some stores such as Target and Walmart for about $10.

The official product website is, which was registered in late 2014.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, minus processing and handling, which means you’ll get your $10 back, but not your $11.98 in shipping costs. It isn’t explained when your 30 days begin, so you may want to err on the side of caution should you decide to return it.

Shipping takes about 2 to 6 weeks.

Because Sani Sticks are available locally, it is a better choice to purchase from a trusted local retailer in order to reduce the shipping costs and delays.

Sani Sticks Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing in March 2016.

Text of the commercial above:

Oh no, your shower drain is clogged, your bathroom pipe is plugged, and the odor coming from the sink is embarrassing. Stop drain clogs and stinky sinks with Sani Sticks, the concentrated drain cleaning and sanitation sticks that you drop in the drain once a month to stop backups, clogs, and nasty odors.

Look, Sani Sticks fall and rest in the pipe drain trap. As water passes through the pipe, the Sani Stick releases a super concentrated blend of powerful enzymes that naturally surround and break down food, grease, hair, and other organic materials, keeping water flowing and your pipes clean and odor free.

Drop in a Sani Stick once a month to help repel greasy buildup that can clog drains. Drop in a Sani Stick once a month in the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, utility room sink, bathtub drains, mop sinks, and anywhere you want to keep water flowing without plugged pipes and embarrassing odors.

Sani Sticks are all natural, biodegradable, and 100% certified safe for plumbing, septic tanks, and the environment.

“With three teenage girls in the house, clogged drains were a daily occurrence, but after putting just one Sani Stick in each drain, the clogs stopped, and so did my frustration.”

“I was really embarrassed by the odors coming from my sink. A friend told me about Sani Sticks, so I tried them and wow, no clogging and no smelly sink.”

“If you have a clogged drain, you’re going to call me and spend about $75. To stop clogged drains before they begin, and to save a bundle of time and money, get Sani Sticks.”

Stop wading in backed-up shower water, plunging and pushing clogged sinks, or paying for professional plumbing repairs. Order Sani Sticks right now to keep drains flowing strong and smelling fresh all year long. And now a 24 piece set of Sani Sticks is yours for just $10. But wait, call now and we’ll double the offer and send a second set. Just pay separate processing and handling. That’s 48 Sani Sticks to protect up to four drains in your home all year long. Once a month just drop in one and you’re done. So stop the clogs and embarrassing sink odors before they start with Sani Sticks. Here’s how to order.

Sani Sticks Review

The idea behind Sani Sticks is simple: you drop an insert into your drain every month, and it breaks down to absorb organic deposits and grease. This helps your drains remain clear and free from odors.

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To use, you simply insert a Sani Stick into a drain as far as you can push it. For sinks, you may need to remove the stopper first. It can take from hours or days for discernible results, although we found that odors were typically lessened within a matter of hours. It takes about a month for Sani Sticks to fully dissolve, meaning a 24 pack can treat two sinks for a year.

We found Sani Sticks to be an excellent way to reduce or even eliminate drain odors. They break down to absorb odors, and last about a month. Consumer satisfaction with the product seems to echo this sentiment, as the overwhelming majority of consumers seem to feel that Sani Sticks works quite well in regard to odors.

We found that Sani Sticks were not as effective for keeping sinks clear which have existing clogs. While the enzymes may be able to break down some types of organic clogs, there is no guarantee that certain items can be broken down by Sani Sticks. They do, however, help prevent organic buildup which can lead to some types of clogs.

Some users have said that they had a difficult time inserting Sani Sticks into their drains. Although Sani Sticks are small, there are still some drains which have openings that are too small. A quick test for the size would be to see if a pipe cleaner or drinking straw can fit through your drain holes. If so, Sani Sticks should work in your drain. They are slightly thicker than we expected.

Pro tip: Run hot water in your sink or tub for a few minutes before inserting Sani Sticks. Then after inserting the stick, let it sit for a while before using. This seems to optimize the product’s effectiveness.

Effectiveness of Enzymes on Clogs

A 2006 report by Consumer Reports discussed different types of ways to address clogged drains. Regarding enzymes, the report stated that they are “Best for clearing organic-based clogs like grease, hair, and soap without using toxic chemicals. Won’t damage septic systems. But can take 24 hours or more to work and are ineffective on mineral deposits.”

Thus, Consumer Reports echoes what we found regarding Sani Sticks, that they are more effective for organic clogs, provided the clog is not severe, and the sticks are allows to sit for an extended period of time.

Similar Products

In late 2015, a nearly identical product was briefly advertised called Drain Secret. That product quickly disappeared, however. A search for “drain sticks” on Amazon will also yield a number of very similar products. Such competitors include Sani-Clean and Bio-Stix.

Sani Sticks itself has a page on Amazon and as of this writing, the reviews are generally positive. Out of 500+ reviews, it currently has a 3.6  star rating, with 45% of reviews giving it 5 stars and only 16% of reviews giving it one star.


As you can see from the Google Trends chart below, search interest for the term “Sani Sticks” first appeared in mid-2015 and has remained somewhat constant since then. The product has also been seen in advertisements on Google as of this March 2016 writing.

Epic Conclusion

Sani Sticks are an excellent choice for controlling odors emanating from your sink or tub. They are slightly thicker than we expected, and some consumers have expressed difficulty inserting them into some drains. While we give the product high marks for odor reduction, its ability reduce clogs is marginal, but it does help prevent new organic clogs from forming.

If you’ve used Sani Sticks, please give it a star rating and comment below.