Sweet Slice Watermelon Slicer: Does it Work?


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Sweet Slice

This slicer is a kitchen utensil that cuts and serves watermelon, cakes, and other melons perfectly every time. Read our Sweet Slice review.

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Claims & Features

  • Stainless steel design that is nickel-free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Saves time cutting cakes or melons
  • Made in China
  • Silicone comfort grip handle with no PVC

Cost & Availability

Sweet Slice is most easily found on Amazon for $9.95. We have spotted it at other online vendors for anywhere from $10 – $17.

There is a lifetime money-back guarantee.

Sweet Slice Reviews

Sweet Slice is a melon and cake slicer which also acts as tongs that allow you to slice and serve with the same utensil. The curved, double blade design is perfect for making identical cuts, which can be easily removed and served. This ingenious design is a vast improvement over the old-fashioned way to cut cake or melon with a single knife.

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To use Sweet Slice on a watermelon, you’ll want to cut the melon in half first. Next, you’ll place the slicer with the thin wire facing downward in order to make your cut. We found it easiest to start in the center and work outward. Press down and glide the wire along the bottom to make your cut. You’ll then squeeze the two sides together like tongs in order to remove your slice. As you work outward, you’ll find that it gets more difficult to cut close to the rind as the melon curves.

The same process can be used for cake, but you don’t have the problematic rind to affect your slices.

Sweet Slice has earned the #1 Amazon Best Seller status in the “Fruit Knives” category because of its durable design and low price. User reviews as of this writing ranks it about 4.1 stars.

Similar Products

Sweet Slice is one of many similar watermelon slicers to appear on the market in recent months. In July 2015 we evaluated a product called Slice Right, which has advertised on television sporadically over the past year. That item sports a nearly identical design and holds a 4-star rating among our readers. See our Slice Right review here.

Another Amazon Best seller in this category is the Mullier Watermelon Slicer which also features the familiar design sported by Sweet Slice and Slice Right.

Epic Conclusion

Sweet Slice is an effective watermelon and cake slicer that has earned top spot on Amazon because of its price and durability. We feel that it is a worthy competitor in the surprisingly crowded melon slicer category.

Perhaps the most obvious question is whether or not you eat enough watermelon and cake to warrant an investment in such a specialized tool.

Have you tried Sweet Slice? Please give it a star rating and comment below.