Snackeez Duo Review: All-in-One Snacking Solution


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Snackeez Duo

Snackeez Duo is a lightweight, recyclable follow-up to the popular 2-in-1 Snackeez snack and drink cup.

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Claims & Features

  • 30-piece set: 10 cups, 10 lids, 10 straws
  • Lightweight and recyclable
  • Holds 12oz of liquid and 6oz of food
  • Can be personalized
  • Good for parties

Cost & Availability

Snackeez Duo is sold in stores for about $10.

Snackeez Duo Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of July 2015.

Snackeez Duo Reviews

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When Snackeez (review) first blanketed the television airwaves with commercials in 2014, it wasn’t clear if the product would last, or if it would quickly disappear as so many other As Seen on TV product do. Unlike most As Seen on TV products, however, Snackeez can still be seen advertising over a year and a half later. After a brief unsuccessful attempt at a follow up called Snackeez Can Toppers in 2014, the company has released yet another product in the line, Snackeez Duo, which was announced in January 2015.

Whereas the failed Can Toppers was a different product altogether, Snackeez Duo is essentially the same thing as Snackeez, but portable and disposable. Think of it as the difference between a regular cup and a plastic cup. The design is the same, but the materials are much lighter. Snackeez Duo seems to be designed with kids’ birthday parties in mind, sporting an area which allows names to be written on it.

While the lighter design does allow for larger numbers to be sold for about the same cost as a regular Snackeez cup, there are trade-offs. The material is quite thin, about that as a plastic cup. Squeezing the cup too hard may make the lid pop off, and this seems like a plausible scenario for an excited kid at a birthday party. And, while the cup is said to be washable, it only seems about as washable as a standard plastic cup.

For those who are careful with the cup, it does work about as advertised, although – as with the original Snackeez – the snack portion does not hold much, and leaks are still a potential problem.

Epic Conclusion

Snackeez feels like a disposable version of the popular Snackeez cups. The thin plastic is a potential drawback, and you may want to consider who will be holding it before deciding if it is right for the job. It may prove too flimsy for very young kids, but could be a good fit as a one-time use for slightly older kids at a birthday party or even a road trip.

If you’ve used Snackeez Duo, please give it a star rating and comment below.