SKINN Cosmetics Review: Skin Care & Anti-Aging


SKINN Cosmetics

Skinn Cosmetics is a line of skin care formulas and color cosmetics which is often advertised in infomercials.

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Claims & Features

  • Create fresh new looks
  • High quality products
  • Pure, all-natural ingredients
  • Advanced technology
  • Devoid of unnecessary water, fillers, or excess packaging
  • By Dimitri James

Cost & Availability

There are a variety of products and costs, including (as of this writing):

  • Cleanse & Resurface: $18.50 – $139.50
  • Skinn Treatments: $17.00 – $75.00
  • Eyes & Lips: $12.00 – $52.00
  • Skinn Color & Makeup: $5.95 – $56.00
  • Body Treatments: $18.50 – $139.50
  • Brushes: $8.00 – $139.50
  • Kits & Specials: $22.00 – $175.00

Skinn Cosmetics Commercial

Here is a video from the Skinn Cosmetics YouTube channel.

Skinn Cosmetics Reviews

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Dimitri James is the man behind SKINN cosmetics, a company which has been around since 2002. The products are said to be devoid of unnecessary water, fillers, or packaging while containing high quality active ingredients. The company claims to put less effort into packaging, while focusing more on what’s inside the jar.

With a full lineup of cosmetics and skin care products, SKINN provides a substantial and adequate profile of offerings that will meet most consumer needs. In terms of consumer reaction along with our own product research, SKINN Cosmetics as a whole is a winner. Few competitors can boast the numerous across-the-board rave reviews which are found for virtually every product in the SKINN line. The serums are silky and smooth, while the creams are elegant and non-greasy.

The Crème Reverse night cream, for example, does an excellent job of reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while the hand cream has a rather vocal legion of loyal followers. The company website had an interesting “Order of Usage” page which details the order in which products should be applied, and when, but this page appears to have been removed around late November 2015. Hopefully it returns, as this was helpful to potential customers who needed to improve certain areas, but weren’t sure which products to choose.

Perhaps the only negative to be reported about SKINN Cosmetics is that some of the products fall on the high end of the price spectrum. $50+ for a night cream, for example, may not be a realistic option for some consumers.

If you are serious about an aggressive skin care regimen, you may want to give SKINN cosmetics a try. There are a variety of products which will likely fit your needs. If cost is of a concern, you’ll want to peruse their offerings closely, as some SKINN products tend to be a somewhat expensive.

SKINN Cosmetics has an Amazon storefront, where you can see customer reviews range from 4 to 5 stars for virtually every product.

Similar Products

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Epic Conclusion

SKINN Cosmetics offers an impressive product line with virtually every product garnering nearly unanimous consumer praise. If you’re in the market for a skin care or anti-aging topical cream or serum, you should give SKINN Cosmetics a look before making your final decision. Although some offerings may be on the high end of the cost spectrum, fans will say that the price is justified by the results.

If you’ve used Skinn Cosmetics, please give it a star rating and comment below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in October 2015.