MD Complete Review: Does it Work?


MD Complete

MD Complete is a line of anti-aging skin care products.

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Claims & Features

  • Dermatologist-level skin care
  • At-home use
  • Good for lines & wrinkles, dark spots, signs of aging
  • Developed by Brian Zelickson

Cost & Availability

There are a variety of products under the MD Complete brand. Most products average range in cost from about $20-$40.


Below are the products listed on the official website, and approximate prices, as of July 2015.

  • Dark Spot Remover: $40
  • Advanced Wrinkle Remover: $40
  • Eye Wrinkle Remover: $29
  • Breakout Spot Treatment: $25
  • Healthy Skin Accelerator: $35
  • 3-Day Booster Pack: $20
  • Non-Irritating Pro Peel: $20
  • Radiance Renewing Deep Moisturizer: $37
  • Youthful Skin Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 50: $25
  • Clear Skin Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 29: $30
  • Restoring Cleanser & Makeup Remover: $17
  • Clarifying Cleanser with Natural Botanicals: $17
  • Even Tone & Texture Accelerator: $35
  • 3-piece Dark Spot Remover Kit: $26

MD Complete can now be found in Target, for approximately the same prices listed above.

MD Complete Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of March 2016.

Below is a transcript of an older version of the commercial which ran back in 2014:

“You won’t believe where I got this beautiful skin.”

MD Complete is a breakthrough anti-aging skin care, delivering dermatologist level-results in an easy and affordable way.

“In the past, you would need a complex skin care regimen and a prescription to achieve the results you would expect from a dermatologist. Not anymore with MD Complete.”

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MD Complete Reviews

MD Complete is a line of anti-aging products which can be purchased online and at Target. It has been seen in television advertisements such as the one seen above.

There are a number of different products to choose from, including sunscreen, spot remover, peels, and wrinkle removers. In our evaluation of several MD Complete products, we found them to have a pleasant scent and texture. The required regimen is not intrusive, and the results were surprisingly positive. Two testers who tried it out reported positive results in the wrinkle, spot, and booster packs. Unlike some anti-aging skincare products, MD Complete also does a pretty good job of keeping skin hydrated.

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Price-wise MD Complete is competitive, especially compared some some other anti-aging products which also advertise on weekend infomercials. The fact that you can purchase products individually at a local Target puts this ahead of many other online-only kits which cost a small fortune.

If you choose to order from the official website, you may want to avoid the Auto-Replenishment program. As with many skin care products advertised online, MD Complete comes with an auto-ship program, called “auto replenishment.” This simply means that you’ll be automatically sent – and automatically charged for – “convenient” shipments every month. We have rarely heard from customers who actually desire such a program, and many end up forgetting to cancel.

Epic Conclusion

MD Complete is a solid line of skincare and anti-aging products. We suggest checking it out at a local Target rather than ordering online. This may give you a better opportunity to evaluate before purchasing.

If you’ve used MD Complete, please give it a star rating and comment below.