Penetrex Review: Effective Pain Relief?


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Penetrex is a topical cream that is designed to reduce pain and inflammation.

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Claims & Features

  • Good for a number of ailments, including arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and many others.
  • Can be used for pre- or post-workouts
  • #1 pain relief product on Amazon
  • Millions of clients
  • Satisfaction guaranteed with no time limit

Cost & Availability

You can purchase Penetrex from the official product website, or on the official Amazon store. A 2-ounce jar costs about $20, while a 4-ounce jar is around $36.

Penetrex Reviews

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Pain relief creams are big business, with several high name brands advertising continuously over the past several years. With Penetrex, we have a primarily online-only brand which makes many of the same claims as the big names, and has worked its away to the top of the pain relief cream category on Amazon.

Perhaps the greatest challenge to a product such as Penetrex is that it attempts to tackle a large number of ailments in one jar. And while the vast majority of customers say that at least achieved some relief, there are simply too many sources of pain and inflammation for a single product to be effective for them all. The active ingredients of Penetrex are Arnica, Vitamin B6, and MSM.

Depending on your ailment, it could take a couple of weeks of regular use to see a marked improvement of symptoms. Keep in mind that Penetrex offers relief, not a cure. If you have a chronic condition, it will not be completely cured by a cream. You may also want to check with your doctor to make sure that masking the pain won’t make your condition worse long-term.

Those conditions which reside closer to the surface of the skin seem to be somewhat more positively affected by Penetrex than some of the larger and deeper ailments. Your mileage will vary.

The overall rating online for Penetrex teeters around the 4.0-4.3 star rating, which is certainly an excellent number, given the high number of customer reviews.

Customer service is one of the company’s highlights, offering a refund with no expiration. They claim that less than 1 jar in 100 is returned.

Similar Products

There are a number of pain relief creams to be found online, and this appears to be quite a competitive category. Two of the more advertised entrants in the category are Blue Emu (review) and Tiger Balm, both of which have legions of fans.

Epic Conclusion

There are many pain relief creams on the market, and Penetrex is one of the more highly rated offerings available. With a generous return policy and competitive pricing, you may want to put Penetrex on your short list when searching for a pain relief cream.

If you’ve used Penetrex, please give it a star rating and comment below.