Blue Emu Reviews: Does it Relieve Pain?


Blue Emu

Blue Emu is an analgesic cream which is advertised as a superior solution to topical pain relief and itching and to help relieve muscle, joint, and skin conditions. The flagship product is a pain relief cream which has been available for several years. The official product website is

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The product has been seen pitched in recent years by celebrities Richard Petty, Johnny Bench, and Chuck Woolery..

Emu oil is taken orally for a variety of uses, such as lowering cholesterol and to combat cold and flu. It is applied topically to rashes and areas of pain, which is the intent of Blue Emu.

Emu oil contains fatty acids which are believed to help reduce pain and swelling.

Cost and Availability

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Blue Emu products can be purchased online directly from the official product website. It is also widely available at retailers and drug stores around the country. The website lists 35,000 retailers as of early 2015. A 12-ounce jar of the original Blue-Emu cream can be purchased online for about $33.  You can also find smaller 4 ounce jars at retailers such as Walmart for about $13. Orders over $35 on the official website will receive free shipping. Many of the Blue Emu offerings can also be found at Amazon.


The original Blue Emu combines glucosamine, MSM, aloe vera, and Emu Oil (7%). It is cited as a way to provide topical relief for pain and itching. It is said to be odorless and non-greasy, and is believed to provide some relief for arthritis.

Blue Emu Reviews

Reviews for Blue Emu are generally positive. On Amazon, it boasts a 4.5 star rating with over 240 reviews, while on customer reviews for the product also stand around 4.5 stars.

Web MD cites over a dozen uses for emu oil, but states that there is insufficient evidence that it works for any of them. Despite this, even Web MD’s own readers give emu oil relatively high ratings, with mostly 4 and 5 stars.

Despite a lack of studies confirming the effectiveness of emu oil, it would appear that a large number of consumers believe that it works.


It may surprise some consumers new to emu oil that Blue Emu is not the only game in town. Emu oil can be found from a variety of vendors, such as Thunder Ridge Neat Feet with 100% Pure Emu Oil, or Purple Rub cream with 30% Emu Oil. Competing emu oil products vary in price from about $10-$40.

Epic Conclusion

Blue Emu has mostly positive reviews and is reasonably priced compared to other pain relief creams, and can be found at thousands of retailers around the country. It is not the only emu oil product on the market, but is the most well-known.