Peloton Cycle Review: Does it Work?


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Peloton Cycle

Peloton is a spin bike that allows users to connect to a community of other Peloton users, as well as joining live or on-demand cycling classes.

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Claims & Features

  • Online classes either live or recorded
  • Available app to use alongside the cycle
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Immersive and socially connected workout experience
  • 1080p touchscreen
  • Track your performance and your friends’ activity

Cost & Availability

Website: $1,995 + $39 monthly subscription; provides unlimited streaming, unlimited accounts; in-home delivery and set-up for additional $250.

Peloton Cycle Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Peloton Cycle Reviews

Peloton is truly a next-gen piece of exercise equipment. It takes consumers to the next level – not by including more bells and whistles – but by plugging in and connecting riders to the rest of the world.

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A Peloton Cycle includes a 21.5-inch display and headphone jack. This is connected online to live instructors who are right there with you. You can attend 10+ live classes or on-demand classes in the comfort of your home, any time of day. A schedule of classes and instructors is posted on the Peloton website so you can see what is coming up for the week.

Peloton users can browse their own history, including achievements such as their best performance. There are deep analytics where you can delve into rather extensive metrics of your own workouts. During class, you can see how you measure up against other riders with the live leaderboard. There is also a global leaderboard to see who are the top performers for the week.

You can follow other users and they can follow you, which extends the social aspect of the equipment. During class you can even engage in video chat to further connect with your Peloton friends. Follow your friends’ progress on the social activity feed.

The bike keeps track of calories burned, distance traveled, power output, and pedal rate.

Those who have used the Peloton Cycle have given it overwhelming marks, not only for its social and live aspect, but as a well-made and durable piece of equipment.

Priced at about $2,000, plus a monthly fee, the Peloton Cycle will be out of the price range of some consumers. For those who do take the plunge, there is little doubt that this will be seen as a valuable and useful purchase.

The equipment is well-made, and the live and social aspects are compelling.

Epic Conclusion

It will be difficult for some consumers to shell out over $2,000 for a spin bike, along with a recurring monthly fee. Those who indulge will find themselves with a solid piece of equipment and a social aspect which could provide motivation at a level other “offline” equipment can’t provide.

If you’ve used Peloton, please give it a star rating and comment below.