Navage Review: Does This Nose Cleaner Work?



Naväge is a nasal hygiene system that clears out sinuses without the use of drugs.

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Claims & Features

  • Uses gentle powered suction
  • Fast, all-natural relief
  • Convenient, safe, and effective
  • Clinically proven to relieve sinus congestion

Cost & Availability

At the product website, you can purchase the device for $49.99 plus additional SaltPod Capsule 30 Pack for additional $14.95. They do offer larger quantities of pods, with the highest being 300 pods for $99.50, or 33 cents each.

Navage Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.


For fast relief from sinus and allergy symptoms without drugs, get Navage.

“This time of year I get so stuffed up but Navage flushes my sinuses so I can breathe again.”

Navage uses gentle suction to remove allergens, germs, and pollutants. It’s the only nasal-irrigator with suction.

“My doctor recommends Navage to breathe better through my nose, and it works. Congestion’s gone and I feel great.”

“And Navage is so much easier than a neti pot.”

To breathe better without drugs and a 30-day risk free trial, go to or call now.

Navage Reviews

Despite being a somewhat odd looking device with an even more gruesome looking function, Navage is actually a godsend to those who suffer from chronic sinus problems by means of nasal irrigation.

Fill one chamber with water and another chamber with salt, which combines to form a saline solution. You then put the tubes to your nose and press the button half-way to create a vacuum. The button is then pressed all the way down to begin the cleaning process. Water is circulated through the sinuses using vacuum pressure. Once all of the saline is gone, your treatment is complete. The website describes the process in the following manner:

Saline rinse enters through one nostril, flows to the back of the nasal cavity, makes a U-turn at the gap between the nasal septum and the rear nasal wall, flows back to the front, and then out the other nostril. In other words, it goes in one nostril, around the back of the nose, and comes out the other nostril.

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Where Navage differs from most other irrigation products is that it uses a gently pulling pressure, rather than pushing saline through the nose.

Those who have used Navage note that relief is almost instantaneous. Sufferers of allergies or chronic sinus infections will find this product provides a level of relief not usually found in home remedies. It has almost a unanimous five-star rating around the internet.

If we are to be fair and find any con with Navage (although it is difficult) it could be that you must purchase additional pods, although these are reasonably priced at about 50 cents each. A new pod must be used each time and the unit cannot be engaged unless a new pod has been inserted.

Despite being somewhat uncomfortable at first, Navage is a winner.

Similar Products

There area a number of other nasal irrigation products available. The price and quality varies greatly, from as low as $10 and over $100. This places Navage around the center of the pack price-wise, although the saline delivery system is not the same on all products.

Epic Conclusion

For those who suffer from sinus problems, Navage should be on your short list of things to try. Its unique vacuum-based cleaning technology provides relief to the vast majority of those who use it. We feel most users will give this a solid 4.5 to 5 star rating, as few products provide this level of relief to such a annoying and common problem.

If you’ve used Navage, please give it a star rating and comment below.