Little Giant Xtreme Review


Little Giant Xtreme

Little Giant Xtreme is a ladder which is advertised for its durability and versatility. It has been advertised on television in late-night infomercials as a unit which can transform into 24 different ladders.

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Claims & Features

  • 50% wider rungs
  • Quick-locking hinges
  • Height changed with a simple click
  • Workstation keeps supplies handy
  • Paint tray (free with single payment option)
  • Wheels for easy tipping or gliding
  • Dual ratchet levelers (optional)
  • 300lb weight capacity
  • Max height 15 – 23 feet
  • Weighs 33.5 pounds

Cost & Availability

There are currently 5 models available at the official website:

  • Little Giant Xtreme 17: $359.80
  • Little Giant Xtreme 17 with Built In Dual Ratchet Levelers: $419.79
  • Little Giant Xtreme 22: $399.96
  • Little Giant Xtreme 22 with Built In Dual Ratchet Levelers: $459.95
  • Little Giant Xtreme 26: $459.80

Each model can also be purchased with a “multi-pay” option, broken into 4 payments.

There are other “Little Giant” ladder models available. You may find these in stores such as Home Depot or on the main website at Such models as the Little Giant Classic run about $300.

Little Giant Xtreme Reviews

Little Giant Ladders are highly rated and boast a proven track record dating back decades. The newest “Xtreme” model attempts to take a well-received product and add even more enhancements. Thus, the Little Giant Xtreme adds such features as a lighter design, safety handrail, tool tray, and accessory ports. The infomercial claims that the Xtreme model is “24 ladders in one.”

The Xtreme – and earlier Revolution XE model – includes a wide outer rung for additional stability and security. This is not unique, as Werner also offers ladders with this feature, but it certainly offers stability not found in regular extension ladders.

A new addition to the Xtreme model is the “Comfort Step” which is a larger standing surface that makes longer standing jobs far more comfortable than small rungs we have come to expect. This is one of those features that many users will be hard-pressed to do without once they have used it.

Another new feature is the magnetic tool tray (called the AirDeck Workstation), which allows for safe storage of any metal items such as screws, nuts, or bolts.

A paint tray is made of a special non-stick plastic, which allows paint to be peeled off when dried. This is included free if you use the one-time pay option.

Versatility is perhaps what makes Little Giant Xtreme’s stand out above other extension ladders. It can be converted in a number of ways, or even split into two, allowing it to be used as two step ladders, hold a scaffold plank, or double as a work bench.

Although Little Giant Xtreme boasts positive reviews – and we found it to be worthy of such praise – there are a couple of minor points of contention, neither of which relates to the function of the ladder itself. First is the cost, which is on the high end of the scale, even against similar competing ladders. Highly-rated ladders by Werner, for example, can be purchased for significantly less. Some consumers have said that knockoff brands sporting similar features are worthy of consideration. Another con is that of weight. Although the Xtreme model is said to be several pounds lighter than older Little Giant models, it is still quite bulky to move around. For small or quick jobs, a light aluminum ladder may be less of a hassle to pull out than this Xtreme ladder.

24 Ladders

The advertising repeatedly claims that the “Strongest, safest, most versatile ladder in the world” is 24 ladders in one. Here is how they break it down.

  • 4 A-Frame ladders, up to 7 feet
  • 7 Extension ladders, up to 15 feet
  • 3 90-degree ladders
  • 2 Trestles for scaffolding

Similar Products

No discussion of ladders is complete without mentioning Werner ladders, which offers many of the same key features as Little Giant, typically at a lower cost. You can also find knockoffs which have surprisingly high ratings in stores such as Home Depot or Costco.

Epic Conclusion

Little Giant Xtreme is a solid ladder from a proven source. The enhancements offered in the Xtreme model over older ladders are all welcomed additions. With this Xtreme ladder also comes an extreme price tag. If cost is of a concern, there are high-quality, highly-rated ladders from well-respected competitors for much less. If cost is not a factor, Little Giant Xtreme will not disappoint.

If you’ve used Little Giant Xtreme, please give it a star rating and comment below.