Finishing Touch Lumina Review: Does it Work?


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Finishing Touch Lumina

Finishing Touch Lumina is a hair trimming device.

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Claims & Features

  • Compact, sleek, and light-weight
  • Cordless
  • Built-in LED light
  • Pivoting head for hard to reach places
  • Won’t cut or pull skin

Cost & Availability

You can generally find this product online or in stores such as Walgreens for about $10.

Finishing Touch Lumina Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of this writing.

Finishing Touch Lumina Reviews

Finishing Touch Lumina has been engaged in an advertising campaign beginning in late 2015, although the product itself has been around for many years. It appears that the Lumina has been altered to include a number of new features since it was first released.

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The design is similar to that of other hand-held hair removal products on the market (see below), including another offering by Finishing Touch called Finishing Touch Freedom. The Lumina includes an angled tip, comb attachments, and ergonomic grip.

Hair can be removed by gliding the tip over the desired area. It may take a couple of passes to fully remove hair, and coarseness tends to affect how well it works. There may be a slight “scrape” feeling as the tip glides across the skin, although it is not unbearable.

It is essentially a mini electric razor in the shape of a comb.

The comb attachments are to allow for eyebrow trimming, although we found this to be only marginally useful.

Currently, Finishing Touch Lumina sports a 3.3 star rating at Amazon, dating back a decade. Keep in mind that the cumulative rating is based on current and past models combined together.

Similar Products

The design of Finishing Touch Lumina is reminiscent of another Finishing Touch product called Finishing Touch Freedom. That sports a similar design and comes in designer colors. In fact, as of this writing a Google search for “Finishing Touch Lumina” will display an ad for Finishing Touch Freedom.

Epic Conclusion

Finishing Touch Lumina works well as a spot hair removal device, although it is not a comprehensive solution by itself. At $10, it is portable enough to be carried in a purse for quick touch-ups. Those with very coarse skin may see diminished versus those with fine hair.

If you’ve used Finishing Touch Lumina, please give it a star rating and comment below.