Bright Eyes Pets Review: Light-Up Plush Toys


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Bright Eyes Pets

Bright Eyes Pets are light-up plush toys which offer a variety of interactive features.

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Claims & Features

  • Each pet makes its own sounds
  • Can be used day or night
  • 3 play modes and mute button
  • 8 designs: Breeze Owl, Rosy Kitty, Tiny Elephant, Twinkle Puppy, Whiskers Kitty, Tippy Penguin, Chip Monkey, and Rory Tiger
  • Play mode responds to child’s touch
  • Try Me mode responds to lights being turned out, hands waved in front of it, or eyes being covered
  • 7.5″ Wide by 10″ High vs 6″ Deep

Cost & Availability

Online: Bright Eyes Pets can be purchased from the official website for about $30, although it shows a retail price of $40.

In stores: You can find Bright Eyes Pets in select stores such as Target and Toys R Us.

Bright Eyes Pets Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of July 2015.

Bright Eyes Pets Reviews

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The plush pets market is highly competitive, and a logical question when evaluating a product such as Bright Eyes Pets from Blip Toys is how it can stand out above the fray.

While the individual features of Bright Eyes Pets don’t seem unique, the integration of them all into a single toy does feel more comprehensive than similar products.

The fact that it can be interacted with in a variety of ways does make Bright Eyes Pets a top contender in the current field of plush toys. Different ways you can interact is turning out the light, waving your hands in front of its eyes, tickling its chin, petting its back, squeezing it, or petting its head. The makers were wise to allow the sounds to be muted so that it can serve as a quiet nightlight at bedtime.

We found the product to be soft and well-made. The kids we allows to evaluate them seemed to be entertained by its variety of features.

We also wanted to point out that the website is not like the standard As Seen on TV site with scant details and hidden shipping fees. The official Bright Eyes Pets site offers a good resource for information and videos about the product, including samples of each pet.

Similar Products

Although we aren’t certain if there is a connection, there was a product that was marketed about a year ago called Bright Eyes Blanket which featured glow in the dark eyes. There are also numerous plush animals which talk or light up. In recent years, several As Seen on TV plush toys have hit the airwaves such as Flashlight Friends or Ball Pets. The design of Bright Eyes Pets also slightly resembles the popular Beanie Boos line. There is also a product currently being advertised called Bright Time Buddies which is a light-up nighttime pet, although it is plastic and not as highly rated.

Epic Conclusion

We feel that most kids will enjoy Bright Eyes Pets. The variety of ways in which kids can interact with the product helps it stand above regular plush toys, or those with a single interactive feature. It is priced a bit on the high end of the spectrum, but we feel that will not deter most consumers, nor will it detract from the enjoyment of the item.

If you’ve used Bright Eyes Pets, please give it a star rating and comment below.