Bit 360 Screwdriver Review: 6-in-1 Tool


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Bit 360 Screwdriver

Bit 360 is a screwdriver that can change between six different bits with a simple pull and twist.

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Claims & Features

  • Screwdriver that changes bits with a pull and twist
  • Includes 6 common bits (3 flat head, 3 Philips)
  • Other hex-base bits can be used
  • Magnetized
  • The official website,, was registered in November 2014

Cost & Availability

You can purchase Bit 360 from the product website for $10 plus $4.95 shipping. A second “free” unit is included for another $4.95 shipping, and you can’t opt out of this offer, so your total price will be $19.90.

It is not yet available in stores, but we continue to keep our eye out. If you see it in stores, please let us know.

Bit 360 Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of July 2015.

Bit 360 Reviews

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Bit 360 is a conveniently-designed tool which includes a chamber containing six bits. You can quickly switch bits by pulling the handle which returns all bits into their proper location, turning the chamber to select the desired bit, and pushing it down to reveal the new bit.

There are 6 common bits included with Bit 360, including three Philips and three flat-heads. You can use your own bits as well, provided they are quarter inch hex. Bits longer than 1 1/8″ can still be used, but the chamber can’t be rotated with bits of this length.

We found the device to be sturdy and capable of handling most household tasks. The fact that your own 1/4 hex bits can be used is also a huge plus, and could even give it a leg up on competing products. Switching between bits is as simple as depicted in the advertising, although we found on rare occasion that it was possible to accidentally push a bit out of the end if pushed too hard.

Perhaps the biggest flaw about Bit 360 is not related to the product itself, but of availability. Currently it is only available online, and the offer requires you to pay shipping for a second “free” unit.

Similar Products

There are other chambered screwdrivers available, although design vary somewhat from what Bit 360 offers. The highly-rated semi-automatic power screwdriver by Worx, for example, has rapid reload cartridges which each hold 6 bits. Craftsman also has this 24-in-1 auto-load screwdriver which is available in stores and can be purchased for about $12.

Epic Conclusion

Bit 360 is a solid As Seen on TV screwdriver which performs as advertised. It is sturdy and easy to grip, and operating the chamber is no problem. Because it is only available online with nearly $10 in required shipping, you may want to wait until it arrives in stores. While Bit 360 is not the only auto-load screwdriver available, it is a fine addition to the market, and will become even more competitive once it hits store shelves. The ability to use your own bits is perhaps the product’s biggest advantage over similar screwdrivers.

If you’ve used Bit 360 please give it a star rating and comment below.