Review: Ankle Genie. Does it Relieve Swollen Ankles?


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Ankle Genie

Review of Ankle Genie, a compression sleeve which is worn over the foot and ankle to provide support to swollen and weakened ankles.

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This As Seen on TV product is advertised as an alternative to medical compression socks, which are said to provide support and relief for swollen ankles and feet. Ankle Genie is an open-toe zippered compression sleeve, which can be adorned and adjusted more easily than compression socks.

The official product website is and it is marketed by As Seen on TV giant TeleBrands.

Cost and Availability

Ankle Genie is available online and in stores.

You can purchase the product direct from the official website for $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping. There is an option to add a second Ankle Genie for an additional $6.99. This brings your total to either $19.98 or $26.97, depending on the option you choose. Expected shipping time is 3 to 6 weeks. Based on older comments from around the internet, it appears that the price for Ankle Genie has changed since it was first introduced. (The television commercial below, for example, shows $10 as the price.)

In stores, Ankle Genie typically sells for around $12.99.

Claims and Features

The following list of claims has been derived from the product website and television commercial.

  • Relieves throbbing, swollen ankles and foot fatigue
  • Energizes foot and ankle
  • Zip-up compression sleeve includes Velcro strap
  • Can be worn over socks and with shoes.
  • Neoprene construction
  • Can be used with athletic shoes, boots, socks, or slippers
  • Helps with fluid retention, varicose veins, and poor circulation
  • One size fits all

Ankle Genie Commercial

The following television commercial for Ankle Genie has been airing since early 2014 (Note the old price in the version below).


As with most As Seen on TV products, reviews for Ankle Genie are generally mixed. There are those consumers who are perfectly happy with the product, stating that it performs as advertised. Another camp of customers have stated that its construction and durability are questionable, with most complaints focusing on broken or stuck zippers.

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Fortunately, now that Ankle Genie can be obtained in stores, consumers may now purchase locally which will avoid shipping costs, and more easily facilitate the return process of the product if it doesn’t work as advertised.

It may be worth perusing the official Ankle Genie Facebook page, where you can read customer comments along with responses from company reps.


Harriet Carter offers its own compression ankle sleeve, which looks remarkably similar to Ankle Genie. It comes in three sizes and costs about $10 each. Their product makes many of the same claims espoused by the Ankle Genie website, such as a reduction of swelling and discomfort. It is also made of neoprene/nylon.

Epic Conclusion

Ankle Genie is an open-toe compression sleeve which is advertised as a superior alternative to compression socks. Reviews are mixed, but it is now available locally, so trying it out may be less risky for those who are still on the fence about purchasing the product.

If you’ve tried Ankle Genie, please give it a star rating and leave a comment below.