Soma Enticing Lift Bra Review


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Enticing Lift Bra

The Enticing Lift Unlined Full Coverage Bra is a push-up bra without padding. Read our Enticing Lift Bra review plus additional information.

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Claims & Features

  • Unlined, pad-free design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Offers moderate lifting and shaping
  • 92% nylon, 8% spandex
  • Ballet-back, triple hook-and-eye closure
  • Currently available in 12 colors

Cost & Availability

From the official website, Enticing Lift Bra costs $58.

Enticing Lift Bra Reviews

The Enticing Lift Bra by Soma is a full-coverage underwire bra that lifts without padding. Their tagline states that you’ll get “none of the push and all of the up.”

This bra is well-constructed and sports a beautiful design in 12 different colors. It offers excellent support without padding, although the cups are still thicker than regular non-padded bras. You’ll find that it offers a lacy design without showing underneath your shirt.

There has been considerable discussion about obtaining the proper sizing for this bra. The website suggests that if you order online, that you should order two: your current size and one cup size smaller. The company will allow you to return one for free. This unusual step is a proactive way for the sizing issue to be less problematic than we have seen with other intimates, which are often not addressed even in the face of consumer complaints. Oddly, there have been some consumers who have said that the bra runs small, while others have said it runs large. Obviously, the best way to make sure you get the proper fit is to visit a Soma Intimates store and have an associate help you get the correct size. If you do get a poorly-fitted bra, the cups will tend to wrinkle or pucker under your clothing.

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As of this May 2016 writing, the Enticing Lift Bra has been out for a few months. Our researchers and consumer feedback give the product a mostly positive rating, with consumer satisfaction falling around the 4 to 4.5 star range. It is praised by the majority of customers for its comfort and design. Customer service reps have been responsive to reader questions and concerns.

Overall, this bra by Soma is a compelling addition to their catalog. If you can get a properly-sized bra, you will more than likely love it.

Epic Conclusion

Due to sizing concerns, we recommend trying this one out at a local Soma store. An improperly-fitting bra may wrinkle or pucker. If, however, you can get a bra that fits correctly, you may find the Enticing Lift Bra to be one of the most comfortable bras available.

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