Hot Stamps Hair Designs Review


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Hot Stamps is a product which allows you to stamp temporary designs onto your hair to create fun fashions. Our Hot Stamps reviews follows.

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Hot Stamps

Hot Stamps appears to be a follow-up product to Hot Huez, which is a temporary chalk hair dye which was marketed to girls in 2014. Hot Stamps is a patterned hair glitter which is “stamped” onto one’s hair to create a temporary design.

Hot Stamps was originally marketed as “Hot Stampz” with a spelling which may have been intended to more closely link it with Hot Huez. At some point in mid-2014, the name changed to “Hot Stamps.”

The product website is “” was used in the initial marketing, but that now forwards to The product is marketed by Allstar Products Group.

Cost and Availability

Online: Two Hot Stamps cost $10 plus $4.95 P&H for a total of $14.95. You can get the other two designs for an additional $4.95, which brings your total to $19.90. All orders receive 4 Hot Huez hair chalks and a carrying case. You can’t opt out of the second set, so the minimum order will be $19.90.

Shipping is not refundable, but there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

In stores: As of this writing, Hot Stamps is not available in stores.

Claims and Features

  • 4 designs: Purple peace signs, hot pink hearts, cool blue stars, and crystal silver flowers
  • As easy as pressing the applicator onto the desired area
  • Lasts all day, even if touched
  • Can be brushed out
  • Does not affect hair color or damage hair
  • Works for all shades or lengths

Hot Stamps Commercial

The television commercial below has been airing as recently as early 2015.


When evaluating this product, there are two issues which must be addressed: Does it work, and do people like it? A careful review of the television commercial above raises the question if the product can be easily seen in darker colored hair. The screen capture below shows two darker-haired girls early in the commercial, and it is difficult to discern the stamps in their hair.

hot stamps example

Other examples in the commercial include shots of blonde hair, where the stamps are more apparent.

Another concern is the fact that the product includes glitter, which some people are known to dislike due to its difficulty in completely cleaning up.

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Finally there is the issue of desirability. The television commercial above has been posted on multiple YouTube channels, and the bulk of the┬ádiscussion has been sarcastic and negative. Those comments have not been regarding if the product works, but blast the product’s concept and the way it is marketed. Ideas in the commercial that hair stamps may immediately lead to popularity, or the use of the words “hip” and “selfie” have not been well-received┬áby some viewers.


There are a host of temporary hair design products on the market, including hair chalk. In addition to the sister product Hot Huez, there is Fashion Angels Color Rox Hair Chox, Coloring Crayon Pens, and dozens of brands of temporary hair chalk. As far as a stamped design, Hot Designs appears to be unique in that respect.

Epic Conclusion

Hot Stamps is a product which allows the stamping of temporary glitter designs onto one’s hair. Most reviews for the product have focused on the commercial, and if it can be seen with darker colored hair. The jury is still out on this one.

If you’ve tried Hot Stamps, please give it a star rating and leave us your review.