Drain Wig Reviews: Does it Prevent Clogs?


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Drain Wig is an As Seen on TV product which is inserted in shower or tub drains that collects hair and prevents clogs.

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Drain Wig

The concept of Drain Wig is simple: A chain dangles just below the drain and collects hair with its “rubber whiskers” as the hair enters the pipes. After a few months, the unit is pulled up and out, taking the hair with it. It is said to prevent clogs. It comes in two designs: For the shower and for the bathtub. The latter allows for the stopper to be sealed so that the bathtub doesn’t leak during a bath.

The product website is drainwig.com.

Cost & Availability

Drain Wig comes in two sets of two at a cost of $19.95 with free shipping. That is a total of 4 Drain Wigs.

You can find a Drain Wig two-pack in stores such as Walmart for about $10

Claims & Features

  • Catches hair
  • Prevents clogs
  • Bathtub and shower designs
  • Inserts in seconds
  • Can be left in drain for 2-4 months
  • Hair can be removed easily through drain cover
  • Universal design fits moth drains
  • Disposable design allows you to discard without touching hair
  • Saves money on plumbing calls
  • Used by over 100,000 people

Drain Wig Commercial

Transcript of the commercial above:

If you’ve ever had to clean out your clogged shower drain, then you know how gross and disgusting that glob of wet hair can be. Well never again. The solution is finally here. Introducing Drain Wig. With Drain Wig you’ll never have to worry about clogged drains again.

You simply leave the Drain Wig in your drain and every few months you just pull it out and dispose of it. You don’t have to touch the yucky glob or even look at it. It just takes seconds to pull out and throw away. It’s completely disposable.

This is how it works. Water and hair spin down the drain. As it spins, the hair gets caught in the Drain Wig’s stainless steel chain and tiny rubber whiskers. Over time, as the hairball builds up, it can easily be removed and disposed of. There’s no more need for harmful chemicals that are dangerous and can ruin your pipes. No more need to dredge out your drain by hand the old way. Drain Wig is the easy solution to a very nasty problem.

You can also get a Drain Wig for your tub. This Drain Wig allows the stopper to seal all the way shut so no water leaks out while you bathe.

“My name is Jennifer Briggs and I am the inventor of the Drain Wig. I have five daughters and they all have beautiful long hair and we clog drains. Our drains were constantly getting clogged, so we invented the Drain Wig out of necessity, and now over 100,000 people are using Drain Wig and they love it. You can finally let your hair go down the drain. Don’t worry, your drains are being protected. I promise you it really works.”

Once visit from the plumber can cost over $80. Drain Wig can save you money and all the hassle. To order just call or log onto the website. You’ll get four Drain Wigs for just $19.95, and with Drain Wig your shipping is always free. Drain Wig really does work, and to prove it we’ll give you a full three month no questions asked money back guarantee. So don’t wait. That nasty hairball in your drain is growing larger every day. Call or log onto the website right now.

Drain Wig Reviews

Drain Wig was invented by Jennifer Briggs, who claims to have developed it in response to raising five daughters with long hair. Reviews on Amazon are mostly positive, with a 3.6 star rating as of January 2016. The design is simple: A chain with rubber “whiskers” is inserted into the drain. It is held in place by a handle in the shape of a flower which is used to remove it after a few months of use. Hair is caught by the rubber whiskers, and eventually the entire unit can be pulled out and tossed in the trash.

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In our evaluation of the product, we found that it worked as advertised, catching hair as it passed down the drain. We compiled a short list of pros and cons during our tests.


  • Generally works as advertised
  • Does not need to be maintained after each shower like a traditional hair catcher
  • Easy to install


  • May catch too much hair that would otherwise pass silently through the plumbing.
  • The flower which holds the chain can itself collect hair which can create a condition where the drain gets blocked.
  • If you wait too long to remove Drain Wig, the clump of hair may be too large to easily pass through the drain opening.

Although the product is advertised as disposable, you can in theory clean it off and reuse it if the glob of moist hair does not dissuade you.

Similar Products

Drain Wig is an innovative and unique alternative to the standard drain hair catcher, which is typically a screen which is placed over the drain. While those have worked to the satisfaction of consumers for years, Drain Wig may offer an alternative solution which some may prefer, and others may not.

Epic Conclusion

We found the Drain Wig to perform as advertised. While it may not be the perfect solution to every consumer and every tub or shower, we feel that the majority of customers will be satisfied with this product. If you don’t like using standard hair catchers, Drain Wig may be a good option to consider. Now that it is available in stores, trying Drain Wig can be done without dealing with shipping delays.

Have you tried Drain Wig? Give it a star rating above and a quick review below.

Updated January 28, 2016