Worx 20V Switchdriver Review: Does it Work?


Worx 20V Switchdriver

Worx 20V Switchdriver is a cordless screwdriver drill with a rotating dual chuck to quickly switch between two drill bits.

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Claims & Features

  • Dual chucks makes switching faster and easier
  • Prevents screw stripping and damage
  • 2 MaxLithium batteries
  • 2-speed gearing
  • Built-in LED light
  • 3 Year warranty

Cost & Availability

Website: 3 payments of $39.95 or 1 payment of $119.85. You can also find it in some stores such as Lowe’s, or the Worx Amazon store, for about $100-$120.

Worx 20V Switchdriver Reviews

Worx products have blanketed the airwaves throughout 2015 with a variety of tools for lawn, garden, and garage. The Worx 20V Switchdriver is no different, as it has been seen in weekend infomercials extolling the virtues of this cleverly-designed tool.

This 20V cordless drill comes with two 20v Lithium Ion batteries and charger, automatic LED light, electronic torque control, and the key feature: the 2-speed rotating 1/4″ hex dual-chuck drill which allow you to quickly switch between two bits. There is a comfortable ergonomic handle which also includes a small shield to protect your hand from the bit that isn’t in use.

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What sets the Switchdriver apart is the ability to work with two bit quickly. This facilitates the task of creating pilot holes and setting screws. This can be a godsend for the prolific DIY’er or handyman who often finds the need to switch between different bits, or setting pilot holes. You load up the drill with your desired bits and quickly choose between them with a push of a button and a twist of the drill’s head.

We found the Switchdriver to be lightweight while packing enough torque to please most handymen. A tedious jobs which includes constant switching between bits would be made significantly easier with a Switchdriver at the helm.

For those who only use a drill on rare occasion, the cost here may not be justified, as very worthy standard drills can be found for much less. The addition of a second battery is a huge plus, however, and offsets the overall cost somewhat.

Similar Products

There is a seemingly endless supply of cordless drills to be found at any home improvement store or online. You can also find some quick-change bits, such as those by DEWALT for about $20. The Switchdriver appears to be the only mass-marketed dual-chuck drill sporting this design. We did see similar drills which were unavailable (such as the Bufflao Pro Series X Dual Head Drill, or the Mansfield Dual Drill).

Epic Conclusion

Worx has once again delivered a useful tool which will no doubt be appreciated by most consumers who use it. For the DIY type who spends an inordinate amount of time with a drill in his or her hands, this product may be a no-brainer as your next cordless drill. If you only use your drill on occasion, the price difference may not justify the addition of the dual chucks. Overall, this is a solid drill that will please the vast majority of consumers who purchase it.

If you’ve used Worx 20V Switchdriver, please give it a star rating and comment below.