Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer Review


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Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer

Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer is a turkey deep fryer that can be used indoors.

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Claims & Features

  • Cooks turkeys up to 14 lbs (regular) or 20 pounds (XL) in less than an hour
  • 1/3 less oil than other fryers
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Thermostat temperature control
  • By Masterbuilt

Cost & Availability

You can get the regular fryer for about $160, while the XL version costs about $210. This includes the Platinum Package, which includes carving gloves, quickstart guide, cookbook CD, meat thermometer, basket divider, and coupon book.

You can find some older versions of this product on sale in stores such as Walmart. We spotted one at a Walmart for $130 in November 2015, for example.

Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer Reviews

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As Thanksgiving approaches, the Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer by Masterbuilt has been seen in late night cable television infomercials, extolling the virtues of this product over traditional frying methods.

Frying a turkey with this unit is actually relatively simple. You fill the inner pot with about 2 gallons of oil and set the thermostat. It may take up to about 30-40 minutes for the oil to heat up to the proper temperature. You’ll then place your turkey in the included basket, and set the timer to cook for 4 minutes per pound.

The end result is surprisingly as impressive as the infomercials claim. The skin is crisp, while the meat is moist and flavorful. For those who have stayed away from deep frying because of the mess, safety concerns, or complexity, the Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer is an excellent solution. It simplifies the process, and makes you actually want to try deep frying – not just turkey, but other foods such as fries or chicken.

The size of the unit is something of a negative, with the regular unit only holding up to a 14 pound turkey, which isn’t nearly large enough for a large Thanksgiving gathering. Even the XL’s 20 pound limit may be small for those who want to make a 20+ pound turkey. You may find an older XXL 22lb unit online if you’re looking for the largest option available.

The cord is very short, which is obviously designed for safety reasons, but this also limits where you can place the fryer.

Keep in mind that there are several “generations’ of fryers which have been sold over the years, and it isn’t always apparent which generation you’re seeing in stores and online. Some online vendors will notate which “generation” they are selling.

Similar Products

You can peruse electric turkey fryers on Amazon, and you’ll find that this unit ranks at or near the top in customer satisfaction, with around a 4.5 star rating.

Epic Conclusion

Despite its size limitation, the Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer is a well-built and well-designed kitchen appliance which streamlines the process of deep frying turkey and other foods. Consumer satisfaction is overwhelmingly positive, and we’re certain this will be appreciated by most customers. You may want to shop around, as earlier models can be found online or in stores for less than the official offer by Butterball.

If you’ve used Butterball Electric Turkey Fryer, please give it a star rating and comment below.