Furniture Feet Reviews: Do They Work?


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Furniture Feet

Furniture Feet is described as a set of furniture boots which slip over the legs of tables or chairs, which allows them to be slid across the floor without scratches.

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Claims & Features

  • Prevents scratches
  • Made of wool and cotton and “durable poly-vinyl” sleeve
  • Felt lasts 5x longer than standard felt pads
  • Eliminates squeaks and noises while moving furniture
  • Slips on in seconds
  • Sleeve stretches to fit any shape
  • Protects chair or table legs from damage from things such as vacuums
  • No nails or adhesives
  • Small and large sizes accommodate most furniture.
  • Distributes weight to stop wobbles.

Cost & Availability

Online: From the official website,, you can get a set of 8 small and 8 large Furniture Feet for $10 plus $6.99 shipping. You are obligated to add a second set for another $6.99 shipping. There is also an unexplained $1 “Web Service Fee” added to all orders, making the total cost $24.98 for two sets.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee, but the shipping costs are not refundable.

In stores: You can find Furniture Feet in stores such as Walmart or Bed Bath and Beyond for about $10.

Note that the product website states that “This offer is not available in stores.” They are referring to the buy-one-get-one “double” offer – not the product itself, which is available in stores.

Furniture Feet Commercial

The television commercial below continues to air on national television as of this February 2016 update.


Oh no! Your chairs scuff, scratch, and scar your floors causing expensive damage. Ordinary felt pads wear out and fall off, and in no time you’ve got scratches all over your floor. Not anymore. Introducing Furniture Feet, the amazing furniture boots that slip on the legs of virtually any stool, table leg, or chair so it can slide across the floor, ending the scratch floor nightmare.

Just push, slide, and glide. It’s that easy. The Furniture Feet scratch free easy glide secret is in the super strong woven wool fibers that are bonded together to create a durable permanent carpet pad that will keep your floors scratch proof. And Furniture Feet last five times longer than ordinary felt pads. No sticky tape, nails, or glues to use.

Furniture Feet are made from durable poly-vinyl that stretches like elastic to slip easily onto any chair leg and won’t fall off. Round legs, square legs, fat legs, skinny legs, metal, or wood. With 160 pounds of cement stacked on this chair, the legs gouge deep into the hardwood floor. But add Furniture Feet and double the load, the 320 pounds and the chair glides like it’s floating on air.

Furniture Feet eliminates that annoying chair shriek and protects legs from scuffs and scratches, and now get a set of 8 small and 8 large size Furniture Feet for just $10. But wait, order now and we’ll double the offer, free, just pay separate processing and handling.

Still not enough? Call now and we’ll send you this six-piece set of Furniture Fix pens, the fast and easy way to make all your furniture floors and more look like new again. Just draw, wipe, and watch scratches disappear like magic. It’s a $10 value yours free when you call now. That’s 16 small and 16 Furniture Feet and the Furniture Fix pens, an incredible value for just $10.

Furniture Feet Reviews

Furniture Feet is an As Seen on TV product which first hit the airwaves in early 2015. Most early reviews complained of slow shipping and confusing billing, which is the status quo for any new As Seen on TV product. As consumers began to use Furniture Feet, opinions shifted to the merits of the product itself.

Our product researchers have evaluated Furniture Feet and have concluded that it will likely garner lukewarm ratings. The simplistic design and function seem impossible to get wrong, although we have heard from customers who have stated that sizing has been problematic. Thus, the small feet are sometimes too small, while the large feet are too large. A medium size would probably have been a good idea, based on input from our readers. When Furniture Feet was only available online, the sizing headache was compounded by long shipping times and expensive shipping fees. Now that Furniture Feet is readily available in stores, at least consumers can quickly return it should the product not work for them.

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Price-wise, Furniture Feet may be slightly above the competition. Whether or not it is worth the higher price tag remains to be seen.

If Furniture Feet properly fits your furniture, you’ll probably find that it works well.

Similar Products

Products designed to protect floors from sliding furniture has existed for generations. Marketed as feet, boots, pads,casters, grippers, cups, caps, glides, etc – the choices are almost unlimited. You can find basic, highly-rated items in this category for as low as $5. And there are some products which do closely resemble Furniture Feet, such as Lorell’s Floorsavers, which also come in an 8 pack. It features a felt pad and clear sleeve. That product is highly rated and sells for $10-$20.

Epic Conclusion

Furniture Feet is a product with many competing products already on the market. The product’s biggest downfall is that of sizing, as several consumers have complained that they could not get either size to properly fit. For those who do find a proper fit, Furniture Feet works pretty well. It is still priced above similar products. Purchase locally to avoid shipping charges and delays.

If you’ve used Furniture Feet, please give it a star rating and comment below.

This review has been updated since its original publication in May 2015.