Cra-Z-Art The Real 2 in 1 Ice Cream Maker Review


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Cra-Z-Art The Real 2 in 1 Ice Cream Maker

The Real 2 in 1 Ice Cream Maker by Cra-Z Art allows kids to make two flavors of ice cream at once, in only about 10 minutes.

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Claims & Features

  • Make two ice cream flavors at once in under 10 minutes
  • Three flavors: Cool Chocolate, Yummy Vanilla, and Sweet Strawberry
  • Makes real ice cream
  • Make a sundae, cone, or pop

Cost & Availability

You can find this product in stores such as Toys R Us for about $25. We have seen it marked up on sites such as Amazon, so purchasing locally or from the Toys R Us website is probably your best bet.

Cra-Z-Art The Real 2 in 1 Ice Cream Maker Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of July 2015.

Cra-Z-Art Real 2 in 1 Ice Cream Maker Reviews

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Cra-Z Art has promoted several high-profile kids products over the past year, including Crystal Surprise, Magic Sand Machine, and Shimmer’n Sparkle, to name a few. Most of the products produced by Cra-Z Art are relatively well-received, but are only advertised on television for a short period of time.

This 2-in-1 ice cream maker includes 2 vanilla, 1 strawberry, and 1 chocolate pack – enough to make two batches of ice cream. The product is simple to operate: Simply mix the flavors, pour into the drum, rotate the handle, and you’ll have a small amount of ice cream in minutes.

Although the product works generally as advertised, it may be pointed out that it doesn’t make a terribly large amount of ice cream, and refills are sold separately.¬†While it doesn’t replace old fashioned homemade ice cream, it’s a pretty fun project for kids to engage in and feel a part of the process.

Reviews are nonexistent for this product at the moment, but our product researchers feel that once the consensus is in, satisfaction will likely range in the 3 to 3.5 range.

Similar Products

We found a product by the name of Cra Z Art Twirl & Swirl Ice Cream Maker, which is by the same company and looks nearly identical. It isn’t clear if this is a follow-up to that product, or a re-branding of it.

Epic Conclusion

Cra-Z-Art The Real 2 in 1 Ice Cream Maker is a fun DIY type toy for kids, which allows them to be a part of the ice cream making process. The amount of ice cream produced isn’t terribly large, and refills cost extra, but we feel that most consumers will still find this to be an enjoyable purchase.

If you’ve used Cra-Z-Art The Real 2 in 1 Ice Cream Maker, please give it a star rating and comment below.