Cra-Z Sand Magic Sand Machine Review


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Cra-Z Sand Magic Sand Machine

Cra-Z Sand Magic Sand Machine is a product in which white synthetic sand can be mixed with a color to create custom sand.

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Claims & Features

  • By Cra-Z Art
  • 5 available colors: blue crush, epic green, lemon yellow, orange burst, and passion pink
  • Create over 100 colors
  • Ages 6+
  • Includes white sand, glitter, 5 colors, molds


As of this writing, you can only find Cra-Z Sand Magic Sand Machine at Target. Distribution to other stores such as Walmart and Toys R Us is expected by late July or August.

Magic Sand Machine Commercial

The commercial below was posted to YouTube on July 1, 2015. Another variant can be found on

Magic Sand Machine Reviews

The Cra-Z Sand Magic Sand Machine is a new product by Cra-Z-Art, maker of other sand-related products and crafting toys for kids. It is so new that it isn’t even featured (as of this writing) on the company website, Amazon, or even – and Target is the only place you can currently find the product. Cra-Z-Art told us that it will arrive at a larger pool of retailers as the summer progresses.

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The merits of synthetic sand products such as Cra-Z Sand, Kinetic Sand, or Squishy Sand have been debated elsewhere around the internet, and are beyond the scope of this review. Regarding the product itself, the design is simple: White sand is placed in the container along with color and optional glitter. A hand-crank is turned, which mixes the sand into the desired color.

Some kids may like the manual cranking of the handle, while others will enjoy mixing different colors to come up with their own shades. Perhaps one advantage here is that competing synthetic sand products only offer limited colors, but kids can mix colors to achieve a wide variety of their favorite colors.

The product is limited by the amount of color available, and refills (which we have not seen yet) would need to be purchased to make this product’s usefulness continue beyond the first set of materials.

Similar Products

The other major player in the sand art category is Kinetic Sand, and while the company does offer colored sand, we have not seen a product in which you can make your own colors. There are a number of sand art products available, although this is the only we’ve seen that is designed to create unique colors.

Epic Conclusion

Cra-Z Sand Magic Sand Machine is a fun and creative way to make unique colors to synthetic sand. Its usefulness may be somewhat limited by the need for refills once the initial set of colors is used up. Our researchers believe this product will earn positive consumer ratings.

If you’ve used Magic Sand Machine, please give it a star rating and comment below.