Simoniz My Cleaning Secret Review


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Reviews of My Cleaning Secret by Simoniz, a cleaning solution that is supposed to cleanse kitchen/bathroom surfaces and cookware in a matter of seconds.

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Simoniz My Cleaning Secret

My Cleaning Secret from Simoniz is a cleaning formula with a wide variety of household applications such as cleansing kitchenware and kitchen/bathroom hardware. Allegedly, it clears away smudges, smears, rust, and/or lime from various surfaces in seconds. According to the website and commercial, “Just dampen, dab & wipe it away”.

The product website and commercial do not mention how My Cleaning Secrets works, or what ingredients it contains (the only assertion is that it does not contain chlorine bleach).

Chef Tony pitches My Cleaning Secret, and he is also associated with a kitchen appliance called Turbo Roaster. is the official product website.

Cost and Availability

My Cleaning Secret is available to order from the product website, and comes in 14 ounce “supersize” tubs.

Ordering a tub of My Cleaning Secret costs $9.95 plus a $4.95 processing and handling (P&H) charge. A second tub is offered for an additional $4.95 P&H fee. There is no way to opt out of the “double offer”, so the minimal total will be $19.85 for two tubs of My Cleaning Secret.

After surfing the site for a bit, a “special internet offer” sometimes pops up on the screen which allows potential buyers $5 off of their order (total of $14.85 for a minimal order).

Shipments to California, Connecticut, Nevada, and New York are subject to a sales tax.

A surcharge of $10 is added to orders from Canada, AK, GU, HI, PR, and/or VI.

The My Cleaning Secret commercial below claims that estimated delivery time is 1-3 weeks.

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There is a 30-day Money Back Guarantee/Return Policy (minus the P&H charge).

Each tub of My Cleaning Secret comes with a double sided micro-fiber cleaning pad. One side of the cleaning pad is soft while the opposite side is covered with a material for scrubbing.

Claims and Features

  • Promptly eliminates stains, tarnish, rust, and lime deposits without the use of chlorine bleach
  • Supposedly works well on brass, copper, porcelain, stainless steel, and glass
  • Will not scratch surfaces
  • Claims to make older surfaces appear like they are brand new

Simoniz My Cleaning Secret Commercial


My Cleaning Secret appears to be fairly new product, and online reviews from users are very limited. Since it is a new product with a lack of reviews, it may also be possible that it is back-ordered, and some costumers might be awaiting the arrival of their long-awaited tubs of My Cleaning Secret.

The following are several questions and regarding My Cleaning Secret after viewing the commercial and website:

  • Does “My Cleaning Secret” work as advertised?
  • How does “My Cleaning Secret” work, and what are the product ingredients?
  • Does “My Cleaning Secret” work any better than dish soap and water, or any other widely available household cleaner?
  • Is “My Cleaning Secret” worth the price tag?

Similar Products

There are a number of widely available cleaning solutions on the market that boast similar claims for a more reasonable price. Unless My Cleaning Secret is something really special, it may benefit consumers to shop locally to avoid shipping times/fees.

Epic Conclusion

My Cleaning Secret is a cleaning formula that claims to swiftly lift stains, rust, and lime from an assortment of tarnished surfaces. Online user reviews are currently very sparse, and it is possible that the product is currently back ordered. Presently, not much is widely known about how well My Cleaning Secret works, yet many similarly marketed products are available locally for a lower price.

If you have used My Cleaning Secret, please leave us a comment below and give it a star rating.