Wubble Bubble Ball Reviews: Does it Hold up?


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Wubble Bubble Ball

Wubble Bubble Ball is a clear and stretchable plastic ball resembling a bubble that is approximately three feet in diameter when fully inflated. At present, the toy ball comes in multiple translucent colors (red, blue, green, purple, & orange).

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There are detailed PDF files and video instructions for inflating Wubble Bubble Ball on the product website. Some Wubble Bubble Ball kits come with an air pump that runs on several D batteries. Inflation with the air pump takes roughly 2-3 minutes. Inflating by mouth may take significantly longer.

Wubblebubble.com is the official website.

Cost and Availability

Wubble Bubble Ball can be purchased from online vendor Amazon or in stores such as Target.

The price is presently listed as $19.99 plus $8.99 shipping.

Below is a breakdown of approximate Wubble Bubbles prices in stores:

  • Wubble Bubble Ball without air pump = ~$12.99
  • Wubble Bubble Ball with air pump = ~$15.99-$19.99 (depends on local/store pricing)
  • Wubble Bubble Mini Ball = ~$7.99

For buyers in the United States, each Wubble Bubble Ball comes with a “Lifetime Replacement Guarantee”. However, consumers must pay a processing and handling (P&H) fee of $6.99 for each replacement.

Glow in the Dark and Mini ball options were added after the original ball was released. Both of those are available in stores as well.

Claims and Features

  • Performs similar to a ball, yet appears like a bubble
  • Composed of flexible and safe plastic material
  • Soft, durable, and lightweight
  • Washable with cool water and a small amount of liquid hand soap
  • Deflation makes storage easy
  • Mini and glow in the dark versions

Wubble Bubble Ball Commercial


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One of our product testers was able to test two Wubble Bubble Balls. Although enjoyable to play with, the first Wubble Bubble Ball burst after about 10 minutes of cautious play. The second Wubble Bubble Ball did not pop, after about 15 minutes of rugged playtime.

Another notable observation is that the Wubble Bubble Ball deflates over time, so it may need to be partially or fully re-inflated before each play session.

Our experiences with the Wubble Bubble Ball appeared to mirror many of the reviews posted online by users. For example, there are over 900 customer ratings on Amazon with a collective rating of 1.5 stars out of five. While some of these negative reviews may stem from early customers who awaited the arrival of a back ordered product, the majority of complaints are in relation to Wubble Bubble Ball popping unpredictably after only a short period of usage.

And remember, obtaining a replacement through the “Lifetime Replacement Guarantee” will cost consumers a $6.99 P&H charge per ball.

Many customers express that Wubble Bubble Ball is a great idea and a fun product while it lasts, yet many are also disappointed in the ball’s untimely life span.

Jennifer Antkowiak, a newscast co-anchor with CBS PittsBurgh (KDKA), did a report on Wubble Bubble Ball in August of 2014. From back-ordered waiting times to premature popping, the feature covered the major issues that many customers seem to have dealt with.

Epic Conclusion

Wubble Bubble Ball is a three foot inflatable globe that is pliable and looks like a luminous bubble. Many customers report that Wubble Bubble Ball is an entertaining children’s toy while it lasts, but there have also been abundant reports that the orb bursts prematurely. This was the case with one of the two Wubble Bubble Balls tested by out product researchers.

If you’ve tried any version of the Wubble Bubble Ball, give us your thoughts below.