V-Shape Trainer Review: Does it Work?


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V-Shape Trainer

V-Shape trainer is a waist training belt for men which is advertised as a simple way to regain the classic v-shaped body.

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Claims & Features

  • Look 2 sizes slimmer instantly
  • Waist training technology
  • Flexible ribbing
  • Supports back
  • Tones stomach
  • Breathable fabric lets cool air in, hot air out
  • Improves posture

Cost & Availability

You can buy one black V-Shape Trainer from the official website for $19.99 + $7.99 shipping, for a total of $27.98. You are also given the option of adding a gray unit for another $7.99, bringing your total to $35.97.

V-Shape Trainer Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of July 2015.

V-Shape Trainer Reviews

Advertising for waist trainers has exploded in 2015. While these trainers were initially marketed to women with such products as Genie Hourglass and Miss Belt, a couple of waist trainers for men have recently hit the airwaves. One such product is the V-Shape Trainer, marketed by As Seen on TV giant Tristar Productions, Inc.

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There are two ways in which waist trainers are said to work: Short-term, in which the stomach is instantly flattened due to the compression of the garment. In this case, it can be claimed that V-Shape Trainer certainly delivers. There are also the purported long-term benefits of waist training, which are said to re-shape the body so that it eventually takes on a slimmer contour. This, however, is not a universally-accepted use, and many health experts actually warn against this practice.

As we have discussed in reviews about other waist trainers, fitness experts and doctors have urged consumers not to buy into the waist training fad, calling it dangerous, and suggesting that long term use could lead to health problems. The Huffington Post pointed out that waist training has been described as “a scary, painful and potentially dangerous “technique” that women are inexplicably embracing in order to take a couple inches off their midsections…” Boston.com warned that compression waist garments can lead to heartburn, yeast infections, and bladder infections.

Regarding the product itself, it appears to be well-made, and does an excellent job as a man’s girdle. If you are looking into it as a long-term waist training solution, you may want to research the warnings against such a practice before making the jump into it.

Similar Products

Although not all men are aware of such products, waist slimmers and corsets have been around for many years. A cursory search of Amazon yields dozens, if not hundreds, of results. In regard to similar As Seen on TV products, there was one called Mr. Belt which was briefly advertised in mid-2015. There are also compression shirts such as Insta Slim which also advertise as a way to instantly flatten the stomach.

Epic Conclusion

V-Shape Trainer is a fine option if you are looking for a man’s girdle to help hold in your stomach temporarily. As a waist trainer, however, its benefits hardly outweigh the risks which have been suggested by health experts for years.

If you’ve used V-Shape Trainer, please give it a star rating and comment below.