Ugly Snuglies Review: Ugly and Cute Pets?


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Ugly Snuglies

Ugly Snuglies are plush pets for kids that are said to be so¬†ugly that they’re cute.

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Claims & Features

  • So ugly, they’re cute
  • 6 different designs
  • Each pet contains a surprise inside
  • Pets include: Rowdy Rabbit (radio), Porky Panda (blanket), Krazy Kitty (lighted tail), Pouty Pig (hidden bank), Bizarre Bear (zipper pockets), Unusual Unicorn (alarm clock), Maniac Monkey (backpack).
  • Long, soft fur

Cost & Availability

You can buy Ugly Snuglies from the product website for $29.95 + $6.95 shipping. A promo code as of this writing saves you 25%, taking the price down to $22.46 + $6.96 shipping.

Ugly Snuglies Commercial

The TV commercial below has been airing as of September 2015.

Ugly Snuglies Reviews

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Plush pets are big business, and with Ugly Snuglies we have a product which attempts to encompass a number of features typically coveted by consumers of this type of toy. With 6 silly designs touted as “so ugly, they’re cute” we see that each includes a special feature. These range from a radio to backpack to coin bank (see above). Thus, the choice is made that much more difficult for kids who may want a specific feature and a particular animal.

Ugly Snuglies are probably larger than the average As Seen on TV plush pet, which could be a pro or con depending on the parent. The variety of features seems to encompass features from other plush pets which have advertised over the years into a single line of products.

Although the cost of $29-$37 seems on the high side, keep in mind that these are somewhat oversized, which can at least somewhat offset the sticker shock.

Similar Products

There are a seemingly infinite number of plush toys for kids, including a rather long line of those in the As Seen on TV category. Recent competitors would be Bright Eyes Pets (review) and Stuffies (review).

Epic Conclusion

Although Ugly Snuglies seems to be in limited marketing as of this writing, if it does become available in stores, that would be the ideal place to browse and choose which is right for you. For those who can’t wait, we’re sure that – price aside – most consumers will be pleased with Ugly Snuglies.

If you’ve used Ugly Snuglies, please give it a star rating and comment below.