Total Flex Review: Can it Replace a Gym?


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Total Flex

Total Flex is a machine that can be folded and used in various formations to achieve different types of exercises.

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Claims & Features

  • Over 50 different exercises
  • Compact and can be easily stored
  • Targets every muscle group
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • Quickly switch between modes
  • Lose weight fast

Cost & Availability

Online (Website) 30 Day In-Home Free Trial $14.95 with free shipping and 4 bonus DVDs. First payment of $14.95 & (either) 5 payments of $49.95 or 1 payment of $249.75

Amazon: $223.99 Free shipping

Google Shopping: anywhere from $223.99 to $364.49

Total Flex Commercial

The commercial below has been airing as of September 2015.

Total Flex Reviews

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Total Flex is a home gym which offers a comprehensive workout. The rather unassuming looking machine consists of pulleys and a bench. The pulleys can be operated in a variety of configurations to perform exercises which target various muscle groups.

As with other pulley-type home gyms (see below), the exercises available seem to vary in usefulness depending on the body part. Upper body exercises such as bicep curls appear to be well-suited to Total Flex, while several lower body groups are barely represented. There are not many options for glutes, for example.

Total Flex is aptly suited for a light to moderate workout for those not looking to bulk up. If you are trying to pack on muscle, this probably isn’t the product for you. If, however, you’re attempting to tone up or stay in shape, it may be well worth considering. It could also be a good backup exercise device for gym rats who can’t make it to the gym that day.

Price-wise, Total Flex is perhaps on the high end of the scale based on the size and options, but we wouldn’t say it is exorbitant.

For anyone who has assembled a piece of equipment that they ordered online, Total Flex is a breath of fresh air. It can be put together in minutes with only a couple of bolts to tighten.

Similar Products

Perhaps the most visible competitor to Total Flex would be Total Gym, which has been advertised on television for years. That product also provides a light full body workout, although later models have included the ability to add more weight. There are numerous home gyms on Amazon, of varying size and cost. It may be worthwhile to take a look at what else is out there to see what is a good fit for you.

Epic Conclusion

Total Flex is a solid option for the small home gym which provides light to moderate exercise. While it won’t replace standard bulking up equipment, it provides more than enough for those who are attempting to get in shape or stay in shape.

If you’ve used Total Flex , please give it a star rating above, and leave us your thoughts in the comments below.